Latin America in the Style of World of Warcraft In-Game Map

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A World of Warcraft fan, Santiago Reyes, has captured the gaming community’s attention with his impressive take on our real-world maps. With his cartography skills and passion for the game, in-real-life countries are reimagined into the iconic WoW in-game map style. He began this project in 2022. Since then, he has created maps for several countries. His collection includes Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico, Chile, and Peru.

Santiago Reyes’ latest map of Brazil has recently been shared on Reddit. Thus, he raised the total percentage of Latin American countries he has covered in this style to 35%.

The maps are incredibly detailed in kilometer scale. The highways are transformed into roads. Airports became flight points. Cities and towns are represented by unique icons indicating famous landmarks found within them. And if you take a closer look at his take on Peru, you will undoubtedly catch an exciting detail. At the left corner of the map, there stands the country’s integral animal indigenous to its region: the alpaca.

Fans of Reyes’ work can stay updated on his ongoing project via his personal site and his Twitter. He usually shares updates and goals on his blog along with posts of the finished map projects. At the end of 2022, he even shared a progress report and infographics on each map’s engagement across multiple social media platforms.
If you wish to own prints of your favorite World of Warcraft maps, or if you want to support the artist and his ongoing project, make sure to pay his website a visit.

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