Goblins in The War Within will play an important part

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It’s been ages since Goblins have new content to hype about. Now, Goblins in The War Within will play an essential part in the narrative to come. Beware of spoilers!

Goblins in The War Within will play an important part. Spoilers ahead!

Apparently, it wasn’t by chance that Blizzard dedicated effort to crafting an impressive short story for Monte Gazlow. Authored by Andrew Robinson, “The Goblin Way” stands out as an unexpectedly remarkable piece. Personally, it even surpasses the stories of renowned characters like Alleria and Anduin. Robinson skillfully weaves various in-game elements into the narrative. He brings the rancid, oily mining tunnels, the overworked Goblins, their struggles, and their hopes to life. If you have yet to read Gazlowe’s story, here’s the link to read The Goblin Way online in full:

That said, the new Trade Prince of the Bilgewater Cartel will indeed have his part to play in The War Within. However, keep in mind that spoilers are ahead, so proceed at your own risk!

Goblins in The War Within: Encounters with Monte Gazlowe

Goblins in The War Within: Encounters with Monte Gazlowe
(Monte Gazlowe’s new model. Source: Wowhead)

In The War Within, our first encounter with Gazlowe takes place within the depths of Azj-Kahet. Here, the Trade Prince of the Bilgewater Cartel feigns his demise to evade the watchful eyes of the nerubians. We talk to him and find out that he was attacked by nerubians while he was inside his Shredder X-3922. They captured his friends, but he managed to hide there. As adventurers, we find ourselves aiding Gazlowe in a daring rescue mission. Together, we free the captive Dalaran citizens.

Later in our journey, we meet Gazlowe again. This time, in Mmari, a Niffen settlement recently filled with Goblins from the Venture Company. The Goblins from Venture Company just casually mention Undermine, the capital city of the Goblins.

What is Undermine in WoW?

As mentioned above, Undermine is the capital city of the Goblins. Located beneath Mount Kajaro on Kezan Island in the South Seas, Undermine is a labyrinth of tunnels and vaults where the Goblins were once enslaved by Zandalari trolls. Forced to mine kaja’mite ore, the Goblins eventually rose up. They claimed Kezan and transformed their former slave camp into Undermine. Despite cataclysmic events during the Cataclysm, the city’s fate remains uncertain, though it likely sustained heavy damage. It hasn’t been until now that we have had more information about Undermine.

Goblin isn’t as popular a race as others, perhaps due to their “Time is money, friend!” reputation, their green, impish appearance, their grating voices, or just simply their untrustworthiness. But whatever the reason, Blizzard is laying an intriguing foundation for Goblins to flourish in The War Within. For those who main Goblins, it seems the time has come for more content featuring your favorite race!

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