Dragonflight World Content: Upgraded Rewards & Gold

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Blizzard has upgraded the quality of Dragonflight World Events and Quests rewards. The company has been aiming to improve the game’s activities outside raids, dungeons, battlegrounds, and arenas.

The developers understand that there are different types of players. Some love crawling through dungeons and besting bosses. Others fire up at the thought of PvP. At the same time, there are also gamers who enjoy exploring Azeroth at their own pace. Thus, the level cap of items received from open-world activities has been increased.

Before the most recent weekly reset, the item level from normal and elite World Quests stops at 382 or 383. But now, the threshold has risen to 389 and 390. This also applies to events such as the Great Hunt, the Community Feast, and the Siege on Dragonbane Keep. Keep in mind that the rewards scale with your character’s current average equipment level.

The developers also raised the amount of gold received from regular significantly. From an average of 100, quests now grant 500 to 700 golds each. However, the amount for finishing special World Quests, including World Boss defeats, remains the same.

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