Dragonflight: Transfer Primal Chaos to Your Alts with Ease

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Blizzard introduces the Satchel of Coalescing Chaos to the live servers. It provides a more convenient path for players looking to gear up their alternate characters. The latest addition lets you transfer a valuable resource, Primal Chaos, to your alts. You can purchase the satchel from Artisan’s Consortium Rabul. The NPC is in Valdrakken at 35, 59. Pay up 80 Primal Chaos. Once open, it will grant you 60.

It’s a great way to quickly up your characters’ item level in Dragonflight. After all, the reagent is crucial in crafting epic-quality equipment.
Many claimed gathering the reagent was not a big problem for them. Still, Blizzard’s recent actions have elicited a positive response from the WoW community.

The company has been demonstrating increased attention to player feedback. Though nothing is perfect, the champions of Azeroth are pleased with this shift. And they are more than excited about what is to come.

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