WoW Dragonflight: Secret Chamber in Zskera Vaults Discovered

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In Patch 10.0.7, a WoW player has stumbled upon an intriguing revelation. Redditor Snypaw has uncovered a secret chamber while traversing the mysterious Zskera Vaults. This discovery has sparked a wave of excitement and speculation within the community.

(Source: Redditor Snypaw)

The Zskera Vaults are at Morqut Islet on the home island of the Dracthyr. They are filled with locked doors that hold puzzles and treasures behind them. The entrance is open at all times. But to access the locked rooms, you must seek the keys by completing activities in the Forbidden Reach. Or you can get them from rares and chests in the same area. Each key opens one door where you will find treasures, aggressive mobs, and puzzles to solve. According to Ion Hazzikostas, the number of accessible doors is limited. Once looted, these chambers remain the same until the weekly reset. Any spare keys obtained are account-wide. They can be sent to alternate characters or stored for later use.

(Source: Redditor Snypaw)

However, in their Reddit post, Snypaw described an experience of getting into a secret room without using any key. They accessed it by repairing a Broken Waygate in a cave near the Obsidian Throne. If you want to check for yourself, here’s its coordination: 34.65,46.5.

Usually, right-clicking in an attempt to fix the waygate doesn’t do anything, even if players are Engineers. But this time, said Redditor has a Neltharion’s Toolkit in their bag. They got it from exploring the Vaults before. Thus, after clicking the waygate three times, they were transported to a secret area in the Vaults that players can’t access otherwise.

(Source: Redditor Snypaw)

There isn’t much in the room. Only two hostile spiders and an Obsidian Chest containing Antler Horns for the dragonriding mount. Apart from the loot, Snypaw also discovered something more ominous: broken dragon eggs. They couldn’t do anything with the eggs yet. However, the tooltip actually reacted, hinting that the remnants of unborn dragons might be a part of another puzzle. It remains to be seen if it has anything to do with the significant events in World of Warcraft’s main storyline in the future.

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