Dragonflight: Get Evoker Legendary Weapon on All Difficulties

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Dragonflight: Get Evoker Legendary Weapon on All Difficulties

Exciting news for all the WoW lovers out there! You can now get the highly coveted Legendary Weapon for Evoker on all difficulty levels.

Nasz’uro, the Unbound Legacy is the Evoker Legendary Weapon’s name. To kickstart the questline leading to it, you must first obtain the Cracked Titan Gem. Initially, it was a reward bestowed upon those brave enough to conquer the treacherous realm of Mythic Aberrus. However, Blizzard has decided to alter the path to acquiring this item. Following the weekly reset, you can pursue it in the LFR, Normal, and Heroic. Thus, it’s now accessible to a wider range of individuals.

There is a catch, though. To unlock the possibility of the gem’s dropping in lower difficulty levels, one of the guilds in your region must defeat Sarkareth for the first time on Mythic. For example, Liquid has vanquished the Scalecommander on said difficulty, so now, everyone in the NA region is able to farm for the gem on every difficulty without any limitation.

Dragonflight: Get Evoker Legendary Weapon on All Difficulties

The Cracked Titan Gem has the potential to drop on any difficulty. However, its drop chance increases as the challenges become more arduous. LFR is where it has the lowest drop chance, while Mythic has the highest. So it’s entirely up to you to choose a difficulty compatible with your power and desire.

Speaking about Mythic Aberrus, the Race to World First has crowned its champion. A worthy runner-up also emerged soon after. The race still rages on. Anticipation is building up for the third-place announcement. While that, the remaining guilds are vying for a slot within the top 10. For a comprehensive overview of this exhilarating competition, you can find all the latest updates and detailed information right here.

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