WoW Dragonflight: Evoker 3rd Spec Augmentation Confirmed

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WoW Dragonflight: Evoker 3rd Spec Augmentation Confirmed

Blizzard has dropped a bombshell announcement in an exciting turn of events. Gamers are left in awe as the developers revealed that there will indeed be a 3rd specialization for Dracthyr Evoker. It’s called Augmentation and is expected to hit the screen in Patch 10.1.5

The exciting addition has become the talk of the gaming community. In this article, we will delve into the details of this new specialization, exploring its unique playstyle, powerful abilities, and a fresh Talent Tree.

Dracthyr Evoker 3rd Spec Augmentation: Everything You Need to Know

WoW Dragonflight: Evoker 3rd Spec Augmentation Confirmed, Everything You Need to Know

The Augmentation Evoker is a brand-new addition to the Dracthyr’s arsenal and WoW Damage Dealer role. This exciting spec taps into the Black and Bronze dragonflights’ essence. It harnesses both the raw power of the earth and the enigmatic force of time. 

With this specialization, other than damaging enemies, you also gain the remarkable ability to bestow enhancements directly upon your fellow party members. Thus, granting them a substantial boost in their damage-dealing output. By doing so, you elevate the collective strength and capabilities of the entire group. 


Augmentation can buff the entire party or specific members with smart targeting. Therefore, you’ll be able to focus on what’s playing out on the battlefield. While you can still manually target specific allies, there is ample freedom to support your teammates as needed. 

The Evoker third spec also utilizes familiar mechanics. For example, spending Essence, leveraging mobility, and employing empowered spells.

Below are some examples of what Augmentation Evokers can do.

WoW Dragonflight Evoker 3rd Spec Augmentation Confirmed: Abilities

A Brand-New Talent Tree

WoW Dragonflight Evoker 3rd Spec Augmentation Confirmed: New Talent Tree

With two dragonflights’ magic at your disposal, you may choose to delve deeper into either the Bronze or the Black. The spec tree will help you find more methods to augment and empower your allies and unravel the secrets of untapped power.

How to Unlock the Evoker’s 3rd Spec: Augmentation

With the arrival of Patch 10.1.5, Evoker’s third spec: Augmentation, will be instantly accessible. You must simply heed the call of Ebyssian and Emberthal. As of late, Evokers have experienced a remarkable change from within. They sense heightened completeness as if something long confined has been set free. Ebyssian reveals that this significant transformation is linked to Adamanthia. If you don’t remember who she is, then she’s the black dragon scientist whose journal gained popularity because of what she did to the dracthyr. It’s more of a brief introductory quest, rather than a prerequisite for the new spec. To preserve the element of surprise, we’ve decided to keep further details under wraps. So, you will need to experience the rest for yourself.

Blizzard is still diligently pouring in effort to fine-tune various aspects of the Dracthyr Evoker’s third spec. The developers also express their anticipation for your satisfaction and enjoyment of what they have to offer.

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Hi, Void!

Evoker’s third spec: Augmentation, will be instantly accessible in Patch 10.1.5. There will be a brief introductory quest with the involvement of Ebyssian, Emberthal, and Adamanthia, but there isn’t any prerequisite to unlock it ^^