10.1.5: Augmentation Boosted Death Knight DPS to 11M

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Dragonflight 10.1.5: Augmentation Evokers Boosted Death Knight DPS to 11M

Augmentation Evokers are holding their ground against the many accusations of not having any value in a group. In the most recent feat, 22 Supports have boosted a Death Knight’s damage to a staggering 11 million per second on Heroic Sarkareth.

The introduction of Augmentation Evokers in the game has sparked controversies on all fronts. Misunderstandings about their abilities are plaguing a part of the WoW community due to their unique playstyle. Thus, in recent times, these Supports have been kicked out of countless groups because of their “low DPS.” 

Said issue has even caught the attention of the WoW developers. And so, they clarified that addons cannot fully assess the spec’s performance yet because of its novelty. Moreover, they highlighted the significant success of the Support spec in high-level keys. If you are interested in the whole interview, remember to check out this article:

There was a lot more fascinating information during the devs’ conversation with the Community Council. So don’t miss out!

Anyway, back to our today’s story. Even though some people don’t like it, other players in the community are excitedly trying out the new spec. For instance, popular streamer B1cepspump recently teamed up with 22 Augmentation Evokers. Joining them were two Unholy Death Knights and some other characters from different classes. Together, they set out to tackle the Aberrus raid on Heroic difficulty. They wanted to see what these Supports could do. And it turned out they are capable of a lot.

Thanks to the indefinite stacking of “Prescience,” “Ebon Might,” and “Temporal Wound,” the Death Knights were able to achieve enormous damage output. Against Kazzara and Sarkareth, one of the DK’s maximum damage per second reached seven and 11 million, respectively. Thus, leading to the swift annihilation of both bosses. Of course, not everyone will be able to pull off such a trick. But at the moment of writing, taking down Dragonflight’s raid bosses in a matter of seconds is not something impossible anymore.

You can watch said baffling moments right down here with your own eyes. First stop: the destruction of Kazzara.

Next, the swift fall of the Scalecommander Sarkareth:

You will find the full stream recording below.

And in case you are interested in the battle logs, they are available here.

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