Dracthyr Evoker New Support Spec in Patch 10.1

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Blizzard has dropped a bombshell announcement in an exciting turn of events: there will indeed be a 3rd specialization for Dracthyr Evoker. It’s called Augmentation and is expected to hit the screen in Patch 10.1.5

For more information, we have compiled a comprehensive article that covers its unique playstyle, powerful abilities, and a fresh Talent Tree. So don’t hesitate to check it out now!

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There are rumors of an unexpected update in the upcoming patch 10.1. In addition to the new location, raid, upgrade system and other fascinating features, it may add a new spec for the Dracthyr-only Evoker class. What is the basis for such rumors? What key features will the spec probably have? Why didn’t it happen with the release of Dragonflight? Let’s try to answer these and other questions!

Datamine and Lore

Many players would more likely expect the Dracthyr race to receive other classes or even Evoker to become a class choice for some other races. Surprisingly, the datamine of 10.1 first builds showed some quests hinting at the third specialization for Evoker. For example, the description of Our Destiny quest.

A few details of the description are worth clarifying. The mentioned “mystery” most likely refers to the 10.0.7 storyline in the Forbidden Reach. As you may probably know, there’s an achievement called While We Were Sleeping. To complete it, you must collect pieces of the journal entry written by the black dragon Adamanthia and her allies.

The writings are devoted to the specifics of decisions taken by the Black Dragonflight Aspect, Neltharion, when he imprisoned Dracthyr. But the most interesting detail is his servant Adamanthia mentioning attempts of her own experiments on Dracthyr. She questioned Neltharion’s decisions. That’s why she disobeyed his orders, awakened a few Dracthyr and tried to regain control of them using different Titan relics.

Adamanthia’s actions didn’t go unnoticed. The dragon’s attempts to persuade Neltharion of the necessity of her experiments have failed. The Mad Aspect insulted Adamanthia and carried out his threats. Players can find her imprisoned in stasis in the High Creche eastern building on the Forbidden Reach.

One of the writings in the journal mentions Dracthyr Archivist Zazulithan feeling “as if she holds a part of us in her, sustained in more than just memory”. And this is where the mystery of both Adamanthia and the “NEW SPECIALIZATION REMEMBERED” text in the description of the Our Destiny quest can be revealed. What if that “part of us” was actually Evoker’s new support specialization?

Support Spec?

The Our Destiny quest is followed by The High Creche and The Contingency. Dracthyr players help black dragon Ebyssian and Scalecommander Emberthal to release Adamanthia from stasis. But the way to help them seems to be quite unusual. The Contingency description advises players to damage Adamanthia or… to “boost/heal” allies.

The word “boost” is crucial. In a way, every Healer “boosts” other players and characters with specific buffs. Evokers can do it with the Blessing of the Bronze and the Time Spiral spells. But it would be strange to define using these few spells as a separate “boost” category. Besides, such buffs are unlikely to help NPCs like Emberthal and Ebyssian.

We could assume that current specs spellbooks are going to receive new skills. We might think the description simply advises using some quest objects with which allies would be buffed. But the datamined details and lore hint at another theory: what if the new Evoker’s spec will be Support?

A separate datamine posted on Reddit by Scottishwanderer is also promising. Judging by it, a few new abilities are getting prepared for the Evoker’s class. One of them is based on this class’s special Empowered Abilities mechanic. It’s not just an update or analogue of a former ability, working as no other Evoker’s skill. It increases the radius of the spell’s effect with each stage of Empowerment. Can such a mechanic work as a sort of AoE buff boost and fit in the Evoker support spec build?

Why Not Tank?

In fact, the described spell may also beautifully fit in the Tank build as an AoE aggro spell. The Tank Evoker could use different levels of Empowerment depending on the current situation and taunt certain groups of enemies.

A few more hints at Tank specialization can be found in the known Dracthyr lore. For example, the Dracthyr in the Third Chapter of Dragonflight Legacies has quite a tank or at least melee-spec appearance. Besides, WoW mechanics have no obstacles for the Evoker support talents to be a part of the Tank arsenal. Warriors have been buffing parties with their Cries since Classic! Evokers with the Empowered Abilities mechanic can be just an example of a new way to boost certain allies. Finally, it would be logical for the third specialization to be a Tank one.

But a great argument against it can be found in Towelliee’s Developer Interview with Morgan Day and Steve Danuser. The problem is quite technical and funny. Dracthyr wings are too big for them to not look silly while fighting in melee. Their models have shaped their destiny as a perfect race for ranged specs.

However, adding a Support spec won’t be an easy decision either.

If it’s completely Support — it will become something completely new for World of Warcraft. The specialization concentrated on buffs and boosts is a feature reminiscent of Bard classes and specs in many other games. Adding it will make Evoker even more Hero than other Hero Classes and create a precedent. Other classes players can potentially start demanding to add a similar spec for them.

But if it’s just another ranged damage dealer spec with powerful Support traits — it will raise a legitimate question among players. Like, why was it added only now? Will fans be satisfied with a lore-based answer? But in the end, there’s a possibility that the mysterious Evoker new spec won’t see the light in 10.1 or won’t be added at all. So it would be better to lower the expectations and just wait for further patch news.

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