Default Window XP Wallpaper Found in Ohn’ahran Plains

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Recently, the WoW community took a trip down memory lane thanks to Redditor Thoscellen. They shared a fascinating photo reminding many of Microsoft’s iconic wallpaper, “Bliss.”

While that, here is Charles O’Rear’s original photo in California in 1966.

Both images show a rolling landscape of a verdant hillside covered in lush greenery. The brilliant blue sky arched overhead, stretching toward the boundless horizon. The gentle billow of white clouds dotted the landscape. They all combine to create the feeling of unburdened freedom and relieved serenity.

What makes Thoscellen’s image interesting is it’s embellished with Warcraft wildlife. It’s not hard to see mammoths lounging around and dragons hovering in the distance. He generously shared the location to be in the Ohn’ahran Plains at x55.7, y60.8.

At the request of other players, they took many pictures from different angles with different details. You can see their full collection here.

They even used the Environmental Emulator to create other exciting shots with the sky.

Click here for their full collection with the modified sky.

Someone even asked Thoscellen to a parody picture of “An error has occurred” with a dragon stuck in a tree. After all, it’s the most painful thing when racing. No one likes crashing into a tree while flying in the sky.

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