Blizzard Suspended Player Because of Default Pet Name

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A player recently got their account suspended because of their default pet name.

Blizzard Suspended Player Because of Default Pet Name

Blizzard CS has been facing mounting criticism. Growing numbers of users are coming forward with complaints of unfair bans or automated responses to their ban appeals:

Most recently, a player found their account suspended due to an alleged “inappropriate name” for their pet. However, what raises eyebrows is that the pet’s name was default, assigned by the game itself:

The reports regarding pet names may arise from players’ resentment toward hunters with default pet names. After all, such hunters and pets are often farming bots. Due to their disruptive nature to the game, they have long been a persistent source of frustration within the WoW community.

Blizzard’s decision to automate bans in WoW is understandable, given the game’s massive player base. With over 200 million subscribers and more than 3 million active players daily, manually enforcing bans would be impossible. However, this automation has led to instances where players exploit the banning system for mass griefing. For instance, you unintentionally offend another player. That other player then asks their entire guild to report you. And you will have to face punitive measures despite not breaking any rule or engaging in any misconduct.

Adding to the situation, Blizzard CS continues to ignore appeals, to the point that a parent had to contact Blizzard employees on LinkedIn to have their child’s account unbanned. This points to a worrying decline in the standard of WoW customer support. If this pattern persists, how many players will remain loyal to WoW?

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