Blizzard Returns Weapon Oils in The War Within

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Blizzard returns Weapon Oils in The War Within and puts them into use again. Let’s take a deeper look.

Weapon Oils in The War Within

Traditionally, Weapon Oils were consumables used to increase your power for a little bit when they deemed it right. With the passage of time, they transformed from simple stat bonuses to oils, not only causing extra damage and healing but also boosting your characters’ stats.

Weapon Oils in The War Within

As an example, in Shadowlands, you could craft the Shadowcore Oil, giving you an additional chance of dealing 881 Shadow Damage. In the near future, you can craft a similar Weapon Oil as well. Its name is Oil of Deepening Shadows, and it procs an extra 567 Shadow Damage in combat. It seems like this new oil is worse than Shadowlands’ Shadowcore Oil. But to make up for that, its effects last 120 minutes, which is twice as long as what the Shadowcore Oil offers.

Weapon Oils in The War Within: What’s New?

Let’s talk about the Weapon Oils Blizzard returns in The War Within. In the future expansion, you will be able to craft them with the help of the Enchanting profession, not Alchemy. This is the most important distinction you must take into consideration. 

Weapon Oils in The War Within

Here are 3 Weapon Oils that were datamined in the recent build #54210 of Patch 11.0.0:

Algarian Mana Oil

Due to the Algarian Mana Oil, you can increase your Haste and Critical Strike by 272 for 120 minutes. To craft it, you must gather 5x Storm Dust and have Khaz Algar Enchanting skill at level 30.

Oil of Beladar’s Grace

Once you use the Oil of Beladar’s Grace, you have a high chance to cause extra healing in the amount of 3,130 while you heal the target. The effect of the oil lasts 120 minutes. To craft it, you must have 1x Profaned Tinderbox, 1x Gleaming Shard, and 15x Storm Dust. Plus, your Khaz Algar Enchanting must be level 70.

Oil of Deepening Shadows

The Oil of Deepening Shadowsinflicts an additional amount of 567 Shadow Damage while you fight. Its effect lasts 120 minutes. To craft it, you need 1x Vial of Kaheti Oils, 1x Gleaming Shard, and 15x Storm Dust. Additionally, your Khaz Algar Enchanting skill must be level 70.

Community Opinion

When it comes to community opinion, there is ambiguity about Weapon Oils in The War Within. Some argue that they are unnecessary because players prefer consuming food, flasks, and gems instead. Nonetheless, a minority of players think that Weapon Oils are necessary as they make professions more relevant.


Despite the ambiguous opinions in the community, these Weapon Oils let players choose what playstyle suits them best. What do you think about it all? Are you glad Weapon Oils are returning to The War Within? We would love to see your comments below!

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