Blizzard brings new changes to The War Within affixes

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In its recent blue post from June 25, Blizzard announces new changes to The War Within affixes, adding Xal’atath’s presence and removing four ones from the pool. 

The War Within Affixes

Based on the community’s feedback, the Development Team has changed the Mythic Keystone affix system in The War Within beta, refining the overall Mythic+ experience and making it more inclusive for casual and experienced players. Let’s take a closer look at what is waiting for us!

Affix Updates: what has changed?

Blizzard simplifies the Keystone system by reducing the number of affixes from two to one in The War Within. That being said, you will no longer see the following affixes in the upcoming expansion:

Based on the feedback, the following TWW affixes that were part of the last Mythic Keystone test will no longer be applied to Keystones:

But what about the Tyrannical and Fortified affixes? Blizzard did not forget about them, as these two now serve as milestone ones that switch between Keystone levels +4 and +10 on a weekly basis. By making these tweaks, Blizzard helps you see the difference between key levels as you go deeper into the Mythic Keystone system, giving you a consistent weekly experience.

New Xal’atath affixes

Starting from Mythic Keystone +2, you will feel the presence of Xal’atath, bringing a new set of affixes called Xal’atath’s Bargain. These affixes will empower your enemies and allow you to take advantage of some of their effects. This week’s trial will remove the Frenzied affix and feature a brand new one that Xal’atath has introduced for us:

It is not the end! When you reach Mythic Keystone +7, a new affix called Challenger’s Peril comes into play. This affix puts more pressure on the dungeon timer, so you must be careful and think strategically to make it through:

Aside from that, Xal’atath kicks in again and replaces her Bargain, introducing a new affix starting from Mythic Keystone +12:


Since we have observed Blizzard’s changes to the Keystone system, let’s summarize what the whole new system will look like to clarify things. Starting from +2 to +11, you will encounter the following affixes:

From Keystone level +12 and above, the Keystones come with the following affixes: 

That’s all for now. Blizzard hopes these changes will give many casual and experienced players more options to tackle dungeons in a way that suits them best. What do you think about the changes Blizzard made to the Keystone system? Is there anything you like or do not like the most? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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