WoW Black Rook Hold Mythic Plus Guide

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The new season of Dragonflight brings new dungeons to the Mythic+ rotation. Among them is Black Rook Hold, a former Ravencrest fortress now filled with restless souls. So, here’s a WoW Black Rook Hold Mythic plus guide just for you.

WoW Black Rook Hold Mythic Plus Guide

Key Takeaways

  • Bring decent AoE damage. Use an AoE-focused build for this dungeon, especially if you’re a DPS. The most efficient way of clearing this instance is gathering the trash between the bosses in large groups. Otherwise, you simply won’t have enough resources to manage the mobs’ mechanics.
  • Utilize as many CC options as you can. Do not hesitate to use some talent points of yours for any CCs. Especially if they are AoE stuns or any other form of mass CC.
  • Choose your Healer wisely. Priests and Evokers are your best friends for the Healer role in this dungeon, thanks to the ability to cauterize bleeds and mass dispel.
  • Mind the mechanics and pay attention. This is the type of dungeon you won’t be able to clear easily just because your character is overpowered. Many spells and abilities here are deadly. Some mechanics can easily wipe your party if you do them wrong.

The following parts of the article contain a complete Black Rook Hold walkthrough. You’ll find out what each trash mob and each boss are capable of and what you should keep in mind before engaging with them.

With that being said, let’s dive in!

Where Is Black Rook Hold Entrance

The Black Rook Hold entrance can be found in the Broken Isles. The dungeon is located on an isolated island in the western part of Val’sharah. In Dragonflight Season 3, you can use the Timeways portal in Valdrakken to access Millennia’s Threshold.

How to Exit Black Rook Hold

The exit portal is located in The Ravenscrypt. This is the lowest part of the instance, so if you’re lost, you may just take whatever stairs lead down you’ll reach the place eventually. However, the Black Rook Hold map is pretty intuitive, so it is highly unlikely you’ll encounter any problems while getting out of the dungeon.

Black Rook Hold Walkthrough

Black Rook Hold Layout

First Part: The Ravenscrypt

The Amalgam of Souls Boss Guide

At the beginning of the run, you’ll have two ways to go. You have to clear one of them to reach the required trash percentage. Don’t hesitate to use Bloodlust here.

Ghostly Retainers found here are extremely dangerous. You want to dispel all of their Soul Blades on your party members. If your character possesses a mass dispel ability, strategically deploy it when confronted with simultaneous occurrences of such spells. CCs and silences will come in handy, too.

After the trash is cleared, you can encounter two different lieutenants based on the path you’ve chosen. For Lady Velandras Ravencrest, be sure to be spread out whenever she uses her Glaive Toss. For Lord Etheldrin Ravencrest, get away from your teammates if you have a Soul Echoes debuff on you. Do not place the Echoes anywhere near your group members, but remember to avoid their detonation explosions yourself.

The Amalgam of Souls Boss Guide

For the first of the Black Rook Hold bosses, The Amalgam of Souls, dodge the deadly Swirling Scythe. As a Tank, you want to position the boss near any corner so it is easier for your teammates to dodge the Reap Soul frontal cast.

Avoid Soul Echoes explosions. This mechanic mirrors the spell used by one of the lieutenants you may have encountered before. The best strategy to deal with the Echoes is to get out of one of them, hold your ground, and get out of the next one whenever the first one detonates. That way, you will neither get hit nor cover the entirety of the room with the damaging spell effects.

When the boss reaches 50% HP, the second phase starts. CC and knockback the Call Souls adds and nuke them down before they get to the boss. They can empower Soul Burst, the next major ability of The Amalgam of Souls. If successfully empowered, it can one-shot the whole group, so you really want to manage the Call Souls mechanic properly.

Pop your defensives for Soul Burst and burn down the boss afterward. As a Healer, use any abilities to reduce the damage taken by your group members. Be sure to use your offensive cooldowns as a DPS, too. You don’t want the boss to repeat its mechanics.

Second Part: The Grand Hall

Illysanna Ravencrest Boss Guide

Let the Tank go up first to collect the debuffs from the little spiders on the Black Rook Hold stairs. The most dangerous mobs on the second floor are Risen Scouts. Disturb their Knife Dance casts. Archers and cats also do a lot of damage, so be careful.

Risen Arcanists found here deal increased damage for each successive cast. They shouldn’t be a problem if you can lock them down and interrupt their casts constantly. 

Illysanna Ravencrest Boss Guide

The second boss, Illysanna Ravencrest, uses Dark Rush to dash between players, marking the floor of Blackrook Hold with fire of fel nature. Position yourself at the edges of the room whenever the Dark Rush targets you to avoid its fire covering too much of the room. As a Tank, you want to use your defensive CDs to mitigate Vengeful Shear.

Don’t stand near your party mates if you have Brutal Glaive. The bleeding debuff it puts on the target is quite nasty. You’ll be lucky to have an Evoker in your party to cauterize it. If you don’t, just be sure not to let the glaive hit any of your teammates. Maybe pop a defensive to survive the debuff and not give your Healer too much extra work.

Phase two begins whenever the boss reaches maximum energy. Burn down the adds, prioritizing Risen Arcanist. That way, you don’t have to keep kicking his casts until the very end of the fight. Dodge the Eye Beams and position yourself at the edge of the room while doing that as the spell leaves a trail of felfire. After a short period in phase two, the first phase will resume.

Third Part: The Rook’s Roost

Smashpite the Hateful Boss Guide

Dodge the gigantic boulders rolling down the stairs. The trash mobs here on Blackrook Hold Mythic difficulty are not that dangerous, but there are many. Get ready to show your best AoE performance.

You better stun the Wrathguard Bladelors to interrupt their Brutal Assaults. If someone in your party can dispel Enrage effects, it will be helpful to deal with these mobs. Drink Ancient Potion cast by Wyrmtongue Scavengers may have random effects. You’ll be fine if you’re not standing near the mobs.

After you’ve cleared all that, prepare for another round of boulder rolling as you get up more stairs. You will then encounter Felspite Dominators, who can be pretty tough to deal with if you don’t interrupt their Fel Frenzy. If somebody is targeted with Sic Bats, you can help them survive using AoE stuns and things like that.

Smashpite the Hateful Boss Guide

The next boss, Smashspite the Hateful, is a Black Rook Hold Legion commander. Avoid green swirlies created by Fel Vomit. They then become puddles that form straight lines. If you’re Ranged, be sure to stick to the walls to not cover the entire boss arena in those puddles.

The Fel Vomit is cast not by the boss but by the Fel Bats flying around the arena. You should ideally look up and watch out for them if it’s convenient for you to pay attention to both the sky and the boss.

The Tank should pay attention to Smashspite’s level of Brutality (Rage, basically) and prepare for Brutal Haymaker. The ability will deal a ton of damage to the Tank and put a 10-second debuff on them, considerably increasing the damage taken. The Tank must outlive this debuff, so don’t hesitate to utilize your defensive cooldowns.

The Healer should watch out for Earthshaking Stomp. The ability inflicts significant damage, so outheal it quickly. It also knockbacks, so everyone should position themselves properly to not get pushed into the Fel Vomit’s puddles or out-range the boss.

Keep in mind that the Hateful Charge ability increases damage if it hits the same target. Let the Tank soak a couple of stacks, and then DPS with high mitigation and strong defensives may help. You should still make haste and defeat the boss as quickly as you can: the fewer Hateful Charges your party has to soak overall, the better.

The Raven’s Crown and Black Rook Hold Final Boss: Lord Kur’talos Ravencrest

There isn’t much trash leading to the last boss in the Black Rook Hold, but the mobs here are dangerous. Risen Lancers deal tremendous damage and can AoE stun thanks to the Raven’s Dive ability. Avoid its area of impact and get rid of the mobs fast.

Risen Swordsmen are dangerous as well due to Coup de Grace. The Tank should use their defensives, as many as needed. The best strategy here is to lure all the mobs into the circular room just before the boss arena. Then you should cycle through AoE stuns and other CC options. DPS should use their offensives to clear the pack of trash ASAP.

Lord Kur’talos Ravencrest Boss Guide

Lord Kur'talos Ravencrest Boss Guide

The final boss of Black Rook Hold Mythic, Lord Kur’talos Ravencrest, is a two-phase fight. In the first phase, dodge glaives are created by Whirling Blade. They travel back and forth, so you want to be close to a wall whenever the ability targets you. That way, it will cover less room space. As a Tank, you should always be prepared for Unerring Shear and use your defensive CDs.

Avoid Dark Blast, which is a huge linear attack covering half the room. The Shadow Bolts that are cast every once in a while inflict a lot of damage. The Healer should pay attention to them and keep the target of the ability up to avoid lethal damage.

The second phase starts whenever the boss reaches 20% HP. He is then replaced with another boss, and your group gets a powerful buff called Legacy of the Ravencrest. Use your defensives to mitigate Shadow Bolt Volley. The ability targets the whole party and deals tons of damage.

One random party member will occasionally be the target of the Stinging Swarm. The swarm is targetable, and you want to defeat it ASAP. It can stun its victim multiple times. The group will be in a lot of trouble if the Healer gets locked in the stun chain, for example.

Finally, the fight will sometimes go into the intermission, during which the Lord Kur’talos Ravencrest will cast Dreadlord’s Guile. Whenever that happens, all you need to do is stay alive. Do not get hit by Dark Obliteration. This ability has the same animation and mechanics as the Dark Blast from the first phase, but it is much deadlier. Avoid Cloud of Hypnosis, too. It will put you to sleep, basically leaving you defenseless against the cascade of Dark Obliteration.

Black Rook Hold Loot Table

The loot you get in a Mythic+ dungeon like Black Rook Hold depends on the Keystone level you’ve used when entering the instance. The higher the Keystone level, the higher the item level of the loot you can potentially get.

Here is the table showing the ilvl of the loot obtainable after using a Keystone in Black Rook Hold:

Keystone LevelEnd of Dungeon LootGreat Vault Loot

Black Rook Hold Achievements

In addition to featuring some world quests like Black Rook Hold… With Fire!, the following achievements can be completed in this instance:

There is also a secret room in Black Rook Hold with Kalyndras mini-boss, but you should ignore it on Mythic.


We hope that this Black Rook Hold Mythic Plus guide has been able to aid you on your quest to conquer this instance. However, if you are ever in need of further assistance, take a look at our Dragonflight Mythic Boost. We offer you swift and secure boosting services to save your time and effort. In the next article, we will discuss WoW Darkheart Thicket Mythic Plus guide. For more Dragonflight Season 3 dungeon guides, check out this article:

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