Amirdrassil RWF: Echo Is Switching to NA Servers

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Amirdrassil RWF: Echo Is Switching to NA Servers

The EU guild’s cryptic tweet and Gingi’s disclosures suggest that Echo is switching to the NA servers to participate in the Amirdrassil RWF.

Echo is breaking away from tradition in the upcoming Race to World First (RWF). Their teaser has sparked excitement within the gaming community with their “We’re going NA.”

Adding to the anticipation, Gingi confirmed during a stream that the guild is currently preparing their characters on NA servers. Moreover, he announced they would begin raiding there on November 14, the release day of Dragonflight’s latest raid.

According to IcyVeins, this is a strategic move from the EU contenders. The guild aims to have firsthand experience with the raid rather than rely on watching streams for the whole first day. However, this is a short-term shift. They will soon return to their regular EU characters and guild for the remainder of the race. Regarding Echo’s RWF stream event in Sweden, it remains unaffected.

Nevertheless, this will be the first time fans will get to see Echo and Liquid entering a raid at the same time. It’ll be exciting. Live coverage of the Amirdrassil RWF, complete with daily recaps and updates, will be available on WowVendor shortly. Stay tuned for all the action!

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