7 things to do before The War Within

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Welcome to our article dedicated to 7 things to do before The War Within. 

7 things to do before The War Within

Before the release of a new expansion, especially a pre-patch that smoothly prepares us for what’s to come, it’s essential to prepare thoroughly. Some players try to obtain all the achievements, rewards, and titles that are unavailable after Season 4, while others organize their bags, quest logs, and Bank storage. 

Both approaches are important, but beyond that, there are other things to consider. We will discuss those in this article, so get ready and stay ahead of the game.

Achievements and milestones

It is a well-known fact that all seasonal rewards disappear with the release of the War Within pre-patch and the end of Dragonflight. You still have time to earn them, but you must put in some effort if they are essential to you. This section will cover the ones that offer noteworthy rewards, such as mounts, titles, and transmog sets. If you are unsure what you can do, our professional boosters are always here to help you.

Mythic+ achievements

If you’re a fan of Mythic+ dungeons, setting your sights on the Dragonflight Keystone Explorer: Season Four, Dragonflight Keystone Conqueror: Season Four, Dragonflight Keystone Master: Season Four, and Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season Four achievements before The War Within is a good move, as they are all earned by reaching a specific Mythic+ rating.

7 things to do before The War Within: Mythic+ achievements

Dragonflight Keystone Conqueror: Season Four and Dragonflight Keystone Master: Season Four come with the prestigious Draconic title and the impressive Infinite Armoredon mount. 

As for other Dragonflight achievements, the following Keystone Hero ones are unique to Season 4, granting you Portals to the entrance of the dungeons mentioned below:

Another achievement that we want to draw your attention to is Draconic Hero: Dragonflight Season 4. On par with Gladiator ones (see the PvP section below), this is the most challenging Dragonflight achievement you can obtain by participating in Mythic+ dungeons. Once you remain with a Mythic+ Rating in the top 0,1% of all players in your region this season, you will surely get the Draconic Hero title.

The Mythic+ leaderboards will lock on July 22 at 10 PM (PDT) for NA and on July 23 at 10 PM (CEST) for EU. Ratings that qualify for the top 0,1% will be recorded, and the Draconic Hero title will be awarded in the weeks following the end of Season 4.

Awakened Raids

Similar to the Fated Raids from Shadowlands, the Awakened ones are not infinite and will vanish with the advent of the War Within pre-patch. Considering this fact, there is still an opportunity to obtain Embodiment of Shadowflame for your Renewed Proto-Drake by overcoming Heroic-difficulty Fyrakk.

7 things to do before The War Within: Awakened Raids

Once you’ve triumphed over Heroic-difficulty Fyrakk, you’ll receive a quest item called Everglowing Ember. This item initiates the quest A Glowing Memento, which can be turned into Vyranoth on the platform or back in the central encampment. Completing and turning in this quest is what will ultimately earn you the coveted customization.

7 things to do before The War Within: Awakened Raids

Aside from that, Awakening the Dragonflight Raids is worthy of your time as well, as it allows you to obtain the Voyaging Wilderling mount by completing all Awakened raids on Normal difficulty and higher, which becomes unavailable after Dragonflight Season 4. Besides, completing Heroic: Awakening the Dragonflight Raids will grant you the Awakened Hero title. Also, do not forget to spend your Antique Bronze Bullions before the release of The War Within, as this currency and the associated cosmetic items are likely to become unavailable afterward.

With the upcoming reset, all Dragonflight raids will become Awakened this week, increasing the difficulty of obtaining Anu’relos. To maximize your chances, team up with other players to defeat mythic Fyrakk and complete the Amirdrassil raid. Alternatively, you can rely on the expertise of our friendly and professional boosters at WowVendor for a guaranteed chance at this majestic mount. As competition intensifies towards the end of Dragonflight, acting sooner rather than later is crucial, so hurry up!

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Let’s discuss the PvP rewards you should prioritize before the end of Dragonflight Season 4. In total, there are 5 achievements that will earn you titles or mounts, which have always been highly sought-after by many PvP players. Aside from that, you can obtain different elite PvP transmog sets and the Elite title by completing the Elite: Dragonflight Season 4 achievement, which necessitates earning a rating of 2,400 or higher.

The most simple one is the Draconic Combatant, which will grant you the Vicious Dreamtalon mounts painted in Alliance and Horde colors. What do you need to do? While Dragonflight Season 4 is ongoing, you must win Rated PvP matches with a 1,000 rating and higher. In addition, you can still partake in rated PvP modes to earn Honor and Conquest currencies.

7 things to do before The War Within: PvP

The next one is Gladiator: Dragonflight Season 4, which you can obtain by winning 50 3v3 games as a Gladiator this season. Because of your effort, the game will reward you with the Draconic Gladiator’s Drake mount. It looks nice, provided that it, like all the rewards here, is exclusive to Dragonflight Season 4. To keep track of your wins, be sure to use the Gladiator & Shuffle Wins Tracker addon.

7 things to do before The War Within: PvP

As for the fourth achievement called Draconic Gladiator: Dragonflight Season 4, you can acquire the Draconic Gladiator title. You will surely obtain this impressive reward once you apply yourself and remain in the top 0,1% of the 3v3 Arena ladder by winning 150 games this season.

The final Draconic Legend: Dragonflight Season 4 achievement is for those who excel in PvP, specifically Solo Shuffle. Once you end this season in the top 0,1% of the Solo Shuffle ladder by winning 50 games, you will be granted the glorious Draconic Legend title. Let’s be honest; your commitment will definitely pay off.

The current PvP season will end on July 22 at 10 PM (PDT) for NA and July 23 at 10 PM (CEST) for EU. After Season 4 concludes, you can no longer earn the current PvP rewards, such as titles (Combatant, Challenger, Rival, Duelist, Gladiator, Legend), elite weapon and transmog sets, Draconic Gladiator’s Drake mount, Bronze Infinite weapon illusion, and rankings. The Draconic Gladiator and Draconic Legend titles will be awarded in the weeks following the end of Season 4.

Level up classes

One of the most exciting features awaiting players in the future expansion is new hero talents and specs like Dark Ranger, Frostfire Mage, or Templar Paladin. These will bring new, refreshing gameplay elements to the open-world and group content like raids, dungeons, and PvP. 

Given the upcoming changes, preparing for these new specs by leveling alts now is essential before The War Within. We highly recommend participating in in-game weekly events such as the Darkmoon Faire, Timewalking raids and dungeons, and WoW Remix MoP to gain experience as quickly as possible. WoW MoP Remix makes it super easy to get your alts ready for The War Within with lots of leveling-up methods, as well as the Cloak of Infinite Power, which gives you extra stats and XP from Infinite Power achievements, helping your alts level up faster. 

Also, your characters will carry over directly into The War Within once the event ends, which is a huge plus. When the pre-patch comes out, you’ll be all set to jump into the new content and check out the new hero specs right away.

Although unnecessary, it is a good idea to level up an Evoker to 70 and leave it in Stormwind or Orgrimmar before the pre-patch hits. Once the new expansion goes live, Evokers will start at level 10 in The War Within instead of the current level 58 in Dragonflight. The reason behind this is that the Evoker is a hero class designed to prepare you for the new expansion experience, so starting at a higher level allows you to jump right into the new content.

This change is similar to what happened with Death Knights and Demon Hunters, who initially started at level 55 in WotLK and level 98 in Legion but now start at level 8 (or from level 10 if it is an Allied race). 

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Complete the Mage Tower

7 things to do before The War Within: Complete the Mage Tower

Do not forget about the Mage Tower. Currently, Blizzard has not revealed any plans for it in the upcoming War Within expansion. Regardless, the Mage Tower might not be accessible later, and it is best to tackle it now before The War Within. 

Sometimes, when a new expansion launches, the scaling of old content gets messed up due to Blizzard’s adjustments. The community saw this with the Dragonflight launch, where the old transmog farm got broken for Battle for Azeroth content. 

So, if you are considering preparing for the new expansion on your main, consider completing the Mage Tower now to avoid running into unforeseen scaling issues. The necessary gems, enchants, flasks, potions, and other consumables for the Mage Tower are currently inexpensive, so it is the perfect time to get them before The War Within. 

UI and Addons

You may underestimate this recommendation, but take it from us—it truly works. Before jumping into the new The War Within content, remember to get rid of all the unnecessary WeakAuras and other addons from the last expansion. These things eat up resources and memory, even when you are not actively using them, so it’s important to remove them. Also, whenever a new patch is released, addons tend to break because creators may not immediately provide fixes and updates for them, so it is important to be prepared for any problems in advance.

Also, take screenshots of all your action bars and keybinds for each class. You never know when the game or your PC might glitch out, causing you to lose all your settings and addons. Alternatively, back up your keybind screenshots for all classes and the WTF and Interface folders in the World of Warcraft directory. Then, keep these backups safe on Google Drive or somewhere secure so that you can bring them back if needed, especially when patching the game.


This tip is similar to the previous one, but once more, remember to tidy up your character’s inventory and Bank storage, as they tend to turn into a mess with all the unnecessary gear and reagents you manage to get during Dragonflight. Also, clean out those irritating quests that you, let’s face it, will never complete. Remove and stop tracking them to start with a clean quest log. 

In fact, these tips may seem insignificant, but we understand you. Still, after you follow them, you will notice how you begin to feel much better about yourself, thanks to the fact that you do not have all the needless information in front of your eyes, subconsciously ruining your game experience and making you tired.

Find Your Team

Let’s be honest: finding people who can keep you company and share your interests matters nowadays, especially when partaking in Mythic+ dungeons and raids where good cooperation is crucial. Do you have any friends who used to play WoW for a long time but don’t at the moment? 

With the upcoming War Within expansion, there will be oodles of new and amazing content, so it could be a great reason to bring them back and spend some evenings together. Connecting with others through official WoW forums and Discord servers is also a good idea to network and enrich your gaming experience.

Try The War Within Beta

The Beta Access is currently available to players who have purchased the Epic edition. The War Within is set to launch on August 26 worldwide, but those who have purchased the Epic edition will have Early Access three days before the official release. 

The Beta introduces significant changes, including class reworks and new hero talents, in addition to their Dragonflight talent trees for every spec. If you are eager to embark on a new class or spec, you can start testing the new classes directly if you have Beta Access. Blizzard has provided a comprehensive guide on how to get started, so be sure to check it out if you have never tried Beta.

Once on the Beta servers, look for a realm called These Go To Eleven. You’ll find vendors to try out all the max-level gear and class-tier sets, professional trainers, and even PvP vendors there. Just keep in mind that this server is for those at max level, and although you won’t experience the outdoor zones, you’ll be able to try out new dungeons and raids. 

Besides, if you want to explore the story and new zones, you can play in the Khadgar and Alleria realms and start leveling from level 70 onwards to the level cap in The War Within. Of course, this advice is for those who aren’t scared of spoilers. Overall, Beta Access is an excellent opportunity to check out the new content early and get familiar with everything. By trying out different classes and specs on the Beta, it’ll be easier to choose not only your main character but also alts for future expansions.


How to get ready for The War Within?

To be well prepared for the release of The War Within, we recommend that you use all the tips we have highlighted in this article. Some of them may seem trivial, but you should not skip them because they really work, having a positive impact not only on the gameplay but also on the mind in general.

Is The War Within a new expansion?

Yes, The War Within is a new expansion that Blizzard will launch on August 26 worldwide, but those who have purchased the Epic edition will have Early Access three days before the official release. 

What’s coming in The War Within?

Players can look forward to a wide range of amazing and varied content, such as new zones, dungeons, and raids, an engaging storyline, a new Earthen Allied race, and new Hero Talents.


That’s all for our 7 things to do before The War Within article. We hope the tips you’ve learned will help you make the most of the end of the expansion and prepare for the new one. Share your thoughts in the comments, and see you soon in the next article or guide.

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