WoW Shop in Cata Classic: Blizzard Makes The Same Mistake?

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With the upcoming destructive arrival of Deathwing, Blizzard is once again introducing the WoW shop in Cata Classic. 

WoW Shop in Cata Classic: Blizzard Makes The Same Mistake?

Despite the popular belief that the cash shop was one of WoW’s downfall in the past, apparently, Blizzard doesn’t agree. In a recent post on their official site, the developers proudly announced the opening of the WoW shop in Cata Classic. The announcement was accompanied by a list detailing what the shop currently offers, available for purchase on the Shop or the in-game shop:

“Here’s what’s currently in the shop inventory:

  • Auspicious Arborwyrm mount
  • Kalu’ak Whalebone Glider mount
  • Re-Awakened Phase-Hunter mount
  •  Pebble the Penguin (Pebble’s Pebble) pet
  • Dark Portal Hearthstone Effect
  • Fishspeaker’s Lucky Lure toy
  • Path of Illidan toy”
— Blizzard Entertainment

However, the majority of the WoW community is far from thrilled with this development in WoW Classic. Across various social platforms, players have been expressing their dissatisfaction with Blizzard’s decision. While the purchase of items from the shop remains optional, the introduction of the shop, along with the presence of the WoW token, suggests that the return of Cataclysm is not as ‘Classic’ as the developers intended it to be.

What do you think about the WoW shop coming to Cataclysm Classic? Do you think Blizzard is making the same mistake twice? Let us know your opinions in the comments!

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