WoW Classic: Players Banned for Griefing Asmongold

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WoW Classic: Players Banned for Griefing Asmongold

Asmongold tried his hands on the WoW Classic Hardcore mode. And soon, he found himself at the center of an ongoing griefing ordeal. However, the situation took an unexpected turn. Blizzard has swiftly taken action and meting out bans to the griefers.

The Hardcore mode is notorious for its unforgiving level of difficulty. In addition to facing significantly stronger adversaries, the leveling process is also a lot more arduous. And as if that’s not enough, players are compelled to reach the max level without experiencing the sting of death even once. Should their character fall victim to the dreaded grey screen, they are obligated to instantly delete their character. Thus, erasing all progress and items that they have managed to acquire.

You’ll find them mainly on Hydraxian Waterlords and Bloodsail Buccaneers servers. At present, there is no built-in WoW Classic Hardcore mode. So, to prove their credibility, they have been using an addon, “Hardcore,” to track their progress. But things are about to change as many hints are pointing towards how Blizzard will release an official server for said community soon.

This unique playstyle has garnered a loyal community over time. Its popularity has been booming in recent times. And if you still remember, before Patch 10.1: Embers of Neltharion was out, many content creators also participated in a WoW Hardcore Dragonflight edition. Thus, seeing Asmongold trying out the intense gaming experience isn’t strange.

Unfortunately, griefers found it amusing to disrupt his gameplay and sully his experience.

In response to the situation, Blizzard demonstrated a more proactive stance. They issued bans to players who openly confessed to partaking in such disruptive behavior. This outcome was a result of collective efforts from the community. Numerous players have been reporting incidents and providing evidence to support their claims. Among them was another prominent streamer, Savix. His evidence proved instrumental and aided the process of identifying and penalizing the griefers involved.

Asmongold openly acknowledged his own history as a banned griefer. Yet, over time, he recognized that the act of griefing starkly contradicts the game’s terms of service. In addition, those who engage in such disruptive behavior deserve the repercussions of being banned.

In light of Blizzard’s swift response, Asmongold is reconsidering starting a new Hardcore journey. The enhanced measures taken against griefing serve as a ray of hope. Thus, promising a more fair and enjoyable gaming experience not just for Asmongold but for the wider World of Warcraft community as well.

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