PvP Tier List for the Arena Season 2 of WotLK Classic

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Player-versus-Player is a considerable part of almost any MMORPG, including World of Warcraft. If you love this area of the game and want to be a PvP beast, it might be useful to know which classes and specs work better in specific cases. That’s why we’ve prepared a WotLK Arena tier list for you. It will help you see which characters are more effective there.


You can find each of the WotLK playable specializations in the table above. Tiers go from S to C, demonstrating how well a particular spec can perform in the Arena. Please note that this list is not an absolute measure of effectiveness. It’s just a tool for the evaluation of different classes in a specific PvP environment. Let’s overview this list and see why all the specs have taken their respective positions.


Paladins generally perform well in PvP. They take high positions in this best Phase 2 Arena tier list. The reasons are their utility, many Crowd Control options, and various defensive spells. Most of those can be used both on yourself and your party members, which is an additional benefit.

Holy takes its position in the S tier because of the Beacon of Light in addition to everything mentioned. Healing 2 targets at the same time is an exceptional ability, especially in 3v3. Retribution is also S-ranked due to its burst potential — this spec can burst opponents out in seconds. Protection stands in the B bracket. It’s a playable and decent spec that can silence opponents with the Avenger’s Shield.


The next candidate in our WotLK Season 2 PvP tier list is Death Knight. Its effectiveness is quite diverse. As you can see, every spec in the table has been ranked differently.

Unholy is a self-sufficient specialization taking its rightful place in the A-tier. It’s not a supportive option, though spells like Chains of Ice and Death Grip can be really helpful. Frost is B-ranked as it is more suitable for Battlegrounds, but has decent burst potential. Blood DK is not the most appropriate class for PvP and Arena in particular, so it’s been put into the C bracket.


Warrior is the following participant of the Phase 2 PvP tier list meta. Its positions in the table are diverse just like the Death Knight’s. Like the other heavy armor wearers, Warriors can be good at both inflicting damage and sustaining it.

Arms is a great DPS spec for the Arena and has a well-deserved place in the S bracket. It works even better with a proper healer in the party who can grant dispels and freedom for action. Protection is a B-ranked spec with decent mobility and good damage with Shield Slams and Revenge. Proto’s durability may even allow you to use half PvE equipment. Fury stands in the C section as it is not an appropriate option for PvP purposes.


Hunters take middle positions in our WotLK Phase 2 PvP class ranking. It’s a powerful and fun Ranged DPS to play. Even though none of its specs are in the S bracket.

Marksmanship is a Crowd Control beast with very high potential. It has ended up A-ranked as it is more suitable for Battlegrounds than Arena. Beast Mastery is also a decent specialization, but it’s B-ranked as it depends on comps more. You need proper teammates like Enhancement Shamans to perform well. Survival takes its position in the C section as it’s not a PvP-oriented specialization.


That’s our next contestant in the WotLK Phase 2 PvP tier list. Shaman is a utility class with 2 of its specs placed in the A tier. Shamans can go Melee, they can go Ranged, they can provide additional healing, and they are cool.

Enhancement is an A-ranked spec that works well in the Arena. It has great damage and off-healing but is not that durable so can get bursted fast. Elemental goes right after as it is very good at PvP. But its effectiveness scales with the number of opponents, so it’s better to play Elemental in 3v3 or Battlegrounds. Restoration is a B-ranked healer. It doesn’t have that many dispels and can utilize a more offensive playstyle.


The next participant of our WotLK Arena class meta. It is generally a great class because of its stealth and many CC options. But the specs perform differently, as with many other classes.

Subtlety is an absolute S-rated king of all forms of PvP with great burst and great CC. Combat cannot compete with Subtlety in terms of general effectiveness. It’s still a playable B-ranked specialization. Assassination is C-rated as it’s not PvP-focused.


Druids follow our WotLK Arena Season 2 tier list predictions. The variety of Forms makes them a multipurpose class. One of this class’ primary features is its mobility.

Ferals are S-ranked DPS, extremely mobile with a lot of CC like stuns and roots, great damage, and off-healing. They are also very compatible with many other specializations for Arena. Balance is also very strong and compatible. But it is A-rated as its effectiveness depends on the number of opponents, so it’s better in BGs and 3v3. Restoration is a B-ranked healer as it has many HoTs that are not that effective, yet the spec is very mobile.


Who does not love demons and dark magic? You may not hesitate to use that versus other players. Warlocks have pretty decent positions in the table, as per our WotLK Arena tier list predictions.

Destruction is an S-rated monster with hellish bursts. It has tons of damage with Chaos Bolts and Conflagrates and great CC. Affliction is A-ranked as it works better with more targets because of the DoTs. Demonology is not a PvP-focused specialization.


Mages can be great in the Arena. The Frost spec makes mages one of the best PvP classes in WoW. Do you want to know why?

Frost is S-ranked as it has an incredible burst and the best CC in the game and deals with melee specs very well. Fire Mage stands in the B bracket. It can show good performance with proper equipment but still cannot compete with Frost. Arcane is not the best option for the Arena so you should consider choosing another one.


Priest closes our tier list for PvP of Wrath of the Lich King. It’s generally a powerful class as 2 of its specs present the S tier. One is a healer and the other is DPS, so you have some options.

Shadow inflicts great damage with DoTs and bursts, has decent Crowd Control, and provides off-healing. Discipline is an amazing offensive healer who protects the party with powerful shields. This specialization is also one of the best dispellers in the game. Both Shadow and Discipline have been ranked S. The only low-rated Priest’s spec that has ended up in the C tier is Holy. It’s just not for PvP, like all the other specializations in this bracket.


The tier list presented in this WotLK Arena PvP Phase 2 class guide shows the effectiveness of various specs. You should stick to S-ranked and A-ranked options if you want to improve your stats in the Arena. If you play it for fun, you may and should choose whatever class and specialization you like most. If you want to improve your PvP rating fast, you may order a WotLK Arena boost off our website. We’ll be more than happy to help you reach your goals.

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