Blizzard Talks about Restrictions for New Accounts in SoD

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In a recent forum post, Blizzard talks about restrictions for new accounts in SoD. 

Restrictions for New Accounts in SoD

Tom Ellis, WoW Senior Game Producer, apologizes for the lack of communication about this change between the community and the development team. 

Ellis also underlines that the restrictions only apply to trading with other people through Mail, Face to Face, and the Auction House. Newcomers will still be able to receive gold and other items from their friends, though. Blizzard hopes these new additions will benefit WoW and combat botting, negatively impacting the game.

Although the development team says the restrictions are applicable to new players, some old-timers who bought a subscription in the past report that these limitations also apply to them for some reason. Plus, players are discontent with the fact that Blizzard has not warned them about the change before its implementation in SoD.

The development team has resolved the problem at the moment of writing. Once an account has passed the aging threshold, the restriction will not ail it again. It is also worth noting that Blizzard will carefully evaluate the effectiveness of the change in the future.

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