Players Furious with Account Restrictions in SoD

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Account restrictions in SoD were announced recently, and the WoW community is divided.

Players Furious with Account Restrictions in SoD

Key Takeaways

  • New players face temporary restrictions on key features like trading, Auction House use, and in-game mails for 30 days.
  • Mixed reactions: Some praise Blizzard for combating bots, while others are frustrated by the strict limitations and the lack of communication.
  • Restrictions make it challenging to introduce new players and deter returning ones.
  • The new account restrictions also affect WoW Classic Era, with some players still restricted despite accounts being over 30 days old.

Are you new to WoW and finding yourself unable to engage with essential in-game features like the Auction House, trading, or in-game mail? Are you constantly greeted with a frustrating “That action is currently restricted” message? Don’t fret. You are not alone.

Blizzard Introduced New Account Restrictions in SoD

Apparently, Blizzard has implemented certain restrictions for new players in SoD. In their latest announcement, they outlined that newcomers who have recently added game time to their WoW accounts will have the following functions restricted:

These limitations are temporary. They will persist for a duration of 30 days, after which they will be automatically lifted. If these restrictions persist beyond the designated timeframe, players are advised to log out of their accounts for a minimum of 12 hours.

What Players Think about The Account Restrictions in SoD

Players Furious with Account Restrictions in SoD

Some players praise Blizzard for their effort in cracking down on bot accounts. However, many others express frustration over the abrupt change. Blizzard’s lack of prior communication left the community at a loss. This resulted in days of players resorting to forum spamming and submitting numerous tickets due to their inability to access the game’s basic functions.

Gamers find the restrictions overly limiting. Because of this, it has become challenging to introduce friends or family to World of Warcraft and have them enjoy spending time playing. As for returning players, these restrictions serve as a significant deterrent, diminishing their interest in the game.

Adding to the mounting problems, the account restrictions are affecting WoW Classic Era as well. Reports also emerge from the community stating that despite their accounts being over 30 days old, they are still encountering restrictions. Even logging out for more than 12 hours does not seem to alleviate the problem.

What are your thoughts on the account restrictions in SoD? Are you experiencing any frustration with this situation? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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wanted to trade 250g to my main via alt account, wasnt able to trade it back… i bought a second month of gametime and a bot, well done blizzard, your shitty rule made me botting so i somehow get my money back 😀


addition: its an original vanilla (separate bnet) account im not using anymore… it passed those 2 months of game time a long time ago 😀


my friend is playing wow for the first time ever and we are leveling characters together and i chose tailoring and enchanting so i could make us bags and enchant our junk. i asked my friend to trade me his linens so i could make him some bags and it would not let us trade. this is an extreme over reach and is directly impacting his experience as a new player and restricting our ability to help each other as we level…. this will impact player retention for sure.


After taking a break from wow since cataclysm, I returned because of all the good things I heard about season of discovery. I Echo what others have said after playing for 2 weeks and then having my account restricted without any communication from blizzard makes me want to cancel my account. How without any notification do they restrict a game that I paid in full for and I’m now Limited at level 30 any kind of significant leveling and not only character but professions. I didn’t pay full price for a Demo. if anything they should have grandfathered in all current accounts and implemented changes accounts.


This is absolutely ridiculous – please do better, Blizzard!
Just chimed in to share my two cents on this whole debacle with the new player account restrictions. Honestly, it’s baffling how such a significant change wasn’t clearly communicated by Blizzard. I reactivated my old account early last month, expecting to dive right back into the full experience. For three weeks, everything seemed fine, and then out of the blue, I’m hit with “That action is currently restricted” messages when trying to use the Auction House, Trade, or Mail functions.

What’s more frustrating is the lack of clarity or any official word on why this is happening. If there’s a valid reason behind these restrictions, we, as a community, deserve to know. It’s disheartening to see both new and returning players being blindsided by these limitations, impacting our gameplay without any prior warning. I hope Blizzard acknowledges this oversight and provides us with some much-needed transparency. Everyone affected has every right to be upset.

David Ullrichsays:

I created my first wow account on the 25th. This is one of the more insane things Ive ever seen happen. Not only no announcement they waited four days before even admitting they did it. I cant even wrap my head around it.

And there is no way real people are defending this. Im certain blizzard has employees looking for this topic and attempting to make this seem not as bad as it is.

David Ullrichsays:

I created my first wow account on mar 25. This is one of the most absurd things Ive ever seen. Not only no announcement but they waited four days before they even admitted doing it. I really cant even wrap my head around it.

And there is no way people are defending this, Im pretty sure blizzard has employees out looking for this topic and leaving insane comments.