LoL: Riot Responses to Criticism of the 2023 Start Cinematic

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Famous for epic music and breathtaking cinematic, Riot is often called “the music company that makes games.” Yet, their 2023 season-opening cinematic, “The Brink of Infinity,” is disappointing and faces many criticisms from players.


The two-minute video starts with alluring sceneries as viewers follow a butterfly’s journey through Summoner’s Rift. A poem made of quotes from various champions is recited in the background. No champions are seen. No clear story or plot is present. Only their echoes resonate throughout the map.

Perhaps the initial idea was to evoke a sense of melancholy grandeur. Yet, instead of taking watchers on a nostalgic train, the cinematic only left them with a feeling of dry emptiness. This approach pales in comparison with cinematics from previous years. Take “The Call,” for example:

Or “Warriors“:


Fans are clearly unhappy with what they received. Sarcasm is on all fronts about the matter.

Many YouTubers also expressed their discontentment about the video:

With the “Return YouTube Dislike” extension, you can see the immense amount of dislikes the video has received.

Riot was quick to address the case and issued an apology. People hope that the “unprecedented circumstances” they mentioned have something to do with the LoL MMORPG or other interesting projects.

Riot’s music and cinematics have been a great attraction to gamers for a long time. Many started playing League of Legends after witnessing such masterpieces as Arcane, Kin of the Stained Blade, Warriors, Rise, and more. They are not only visually stunning, but also convey the game’s rich lore through compelling storytelling. Not only that, the passionate voice acting and harmonious use of music and sound effects often evoke strong emotions from viewers as they get immersed in the world of League of Legends.

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