Jinx’s Voice Actor Hinted at a Tearful Arcane Season 2 Finale

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Ella Purnell, Jinx’s voice actor, recently hinted at a tearful Arcane Season 2 finale where “nobody will feel good after watching it.”

Jinx's Voice Actor Hinted at a Tearful Arcane Season 2 Finale

Arcane Season 2 will be released in November 2024, about seven months from now. Despite the distant launch date, fans have recently received a tantalizing glimpse into what lies ahead. According to GamesRadar, Ella Purnell, the voice behind Jinx, dropped hints about the ending of Arcane’s second chapter.

Ella Purnell Talked about Arcane Season 2 Finale

Jinx's Voice Actor Hinted at a Tearful Arcane Season 2 Finale

She revealed that she had recently returned to the recording studio to finalize some Automated Dialog Replacements for the Season 2 finale. And it was a gutting conclusion:

“I actually just went back into the studio to complete some ADR for the season 2 finale — and I cried. So, I think other people will cry, too. It’s devastating, and nobody will feel good after watching it.”

— Ella Purnell

Purnell’s revelation comes as a gentle nudge for LoL fans to stock up on tissues before diving into the upcoming season. It’s clear that viewers are in for a rollercoaster ride of heart-wrenching moments. Given that the first season of Arcane left fans reeling and the teaser for Season 2 hinted at Vander’s fate, so many ominous possibilities loom ahead.

Could it be that Vi and Jinx will uncover Vander’s transformation into the half-man, half-beast Warwick? And while it may seem far-fetched, a climactic event could be brewing amidst the escalating Piltover and Zaun conflict. And who’s to say it won’t lead to the demise of a key character like Caitlyn or Ekko

What do you think will make the finale of Arcane Season 2 so devastating? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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