Season 23: Major Changes to The Surrender Feature

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Riot Games is revamping its Surrender feature due to numerous complaints.

With considerable gameplay transformations, League of Legends has become a game with fast snowball speed. Most of the time, the match can be decided immediately after the laning phase when one side has accumulated too many advantages. Therefore, Riot has launched the Early Surrender feature. It allows players to give up when 15 minutes are up. However, it requires all five players to agree to the vote. This leads to tiring situations when a teammate is either too positive in having a comeback or decides to troll by voting “No.” Thus, the other four have to continue their suffering.

Realizing the situation ruins the fun for many, Riot has made notable updates to the said feature. The developers stated that the team’s win rate that voted for giving up was meager. Gamers have excellent intuition about whether they can win or not. Therefore, in Patch 13.1, the game will end at 15 minutes as long as four people agree.

Players can now “escape” from matches that appear unwinnable more easily. Hopefully, the upcoming change will help everyone to have more enjoyable gaming time.

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