New LoL Champion 2023: Milio The Gentle Flame

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Riot Games has unveiled Milio The Gentle Flame, the latest champion to join the popular League of Legends (LoL). From his release date, and backstory to gameplay, everything is covered in this article.


Milio is a twelve-year-old boy from Ixtal. It’s the land of well-known champions like Malphite, Nidalee, Rengar, and many others.

Raised by his grandmother Lupé, Milio demonstrated an innate connection to the elements. There was one thing Lupé refused to teach him, however, and it was the fire. Partly because it was a destructive force that spared none on its part. Another part was because it was the main element of her twin sister, Luné. Unfortunately, she was the main reason Milio’s family was exiled to the darkest part of Ixtal.

Milio’s base skin (Source: Riot)

Despite Lupé’s efforts, her grandchild had difficulty following rules and discipline. As a result, Lupé abandoned his teachings. But Milio didn’t. He persevered and continued his education by studying nature. Milio refused to accept the conventional belief that fire was only meant for destruction. Instead, the young enchanter embarked on a mission to explore its healing potential. Once, he encountered an injured hunter. Thus, he learned to harness the power of the “soothing flame” creatures and used them to cure said wounded.

Skin: Faerie Court Milio (Source: Riot)

After revealing his healing powers to his grandmother, Lupé, she assisted him in honing his abilities. Ultimately, he set off on a journey to Ixaocan in the hope of restoring his family’s previous status among Ixtal’s ruling class.


Milio’s skill set has yet to be officially revealed by the developers. However, thanks to leaked gameplay footage on YouTube, we have a glimpse into his abilities:


The LoL community can test out Milio on the PBE server on March 7, 2023. As for live servers, the enchanter will be available around the release of patch 13.6, which is expected to go live on March 21 or 22, 2023, depending on your location.

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