LoL Jungle Pets Betrayal: Enemies Can See Your Location

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The Jungle pets reveal players’ location, even when hiding in bushes.

In the 2023 Pre-Season, Riot introduced Jungle companions to League of Legends (LoL). The latest mechanism helps Junglers clear camps quickly. This allows them to earn more resources to keep up with the game. These creatures’ arrival provides support to many champions. Ekko and Mordekaiser are prime examples of getting stronger thanks to the new mechanics.

Unfortunately, LoL gamers discovered that these companions could also “betray” their owners. Standing near the bush where their owners hide, they give away the Junglers’ spot. Their opponents will be able to avoid the gank or form a counter-ambush against the poor camper.

Even high-ranked players in Grandmasters and Challengers are unaware of the problem. As a result, many ranked matches had their outcomes affected.

Junglers play a vital role in League of Legends gameplay. Disclosure of information because of the above error is unacceptable. Even professional matches suffer because of said issue. Let’s hope Riot will fix the bug as soon as possible.

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