Distance is no obstacle: 10 best games to play with friends online

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Drunken dwarves, haunted houses, and more!

Nowadays it’s difficult to imagine a big party with friends without playing video games. And some of them are really cool for meetings in real life, like fighting or sports simulators. But when it comes to communicating with a distant pal, you can face a lot of trouble finding something really fun and catchy. That’s why we’ve gathered the 10 best games to play with friends online.

10. Minecraft

Minecraft is an obvious and infallible variant to have fun playing online. This cute voxel sandbox game provides you with innumerable opportunities both in creating and destroying things. Minecraft is still one of the few games where you can enjoy both building up a castle and burning it to the ground.

Also, this game is a good option to find new friends. You can log into the public server and participate in ambitious projects created by the community leaders. But beware evil griefers willing to ruin everything you’ve done!

9. Barotrauma

Barotrauma is an exciting mix of cooperative survival and horror, and one of the most creative online games ever. You and your friends are a crew of a submarine wandering somewhere in the deep of Europe — the sixth moon of Jupiter. You have to be a well-coordinated team to complete different quests like killing sea monsters, delivering goods, or exploring underwater caves of a faraway moon.

Yet, Barotrauma is more about hardcore gaming than having primitive fun. If one of the crew members fails, your submarine will likely drown. This game is brutal and unforgiving.

8. Rainbow Six: Siege

R6 is one of the most popular answers to the question «What games to play with friends online?». The cooperative tactical shooter by Ubisoft provides you with the best balance of fun and hardcore cybersports gaming. Here you complete different tasks performing as an attacking or defensive team. Every single operative has their own unique weapons and skills.

The biggest advantage of R6 is the originality of every single match. Though the roster of operatives and maps is pretty limited, this game will never make you or your friends die of boredom.

7. A Way Out

A Way Out is a cooperative split-screen action by EA Games and a renowned game designer, Josef Fares. This game is the best option to play with your closest friend. You start as two prisoners trying to escape and forced to cooperate to survive. After getting out of prison, the characters try to solve their personal problems and punish the villain responsible for their detention.

A Way Out is, first of all, a well-written story of two strong and honorable people, a buddy movie with Uncharted-style gameplay, and a heartbreaking finale. That’s why the game is pretty short, and a full walkthrough will hardly take more than 5–6 hours.

6. Escape from Tarkov

This hardcore military shooter by Russian studio BattleState Games is perhaps the funniest action game to play online with friends. Every single session starts at a random spot in the ghost city of Tarkov. Different fractions here fight for weapons, resources, and power. Your goal is to loot the location and get to the extraction point safe and sound.

BattleState Games are developing their product adding new weapons, balancing mechanics, and expanding the unusual lore of Tarkov. If you and your friends enjoy hardcore shooters and gun porn with elaborated weapon customization, EfT is your best choice.

5. It Takes Two

It Takes Two is the newest game by the author of A Way Out and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Joseph Fares. And while A Way Out was a game to play with the best and closest friend, It Takes Two is the best game for loving couples. It tells a story about a husband and wife on the edge of a divorce, but by the power of magic, they got trapped in the rag dolls made by their daughter. Now they have to get through various challenges and save their marriage.

It Takes Two is undoubtedly one of the best platformers to play online with a friend or a soul mate. The gameplay here is so diverse that none of the situations repeat itself, and you always have to communicate to find new ways to complete the task.

4. Phasmophobia

This mix of cooperative survival horror and detective story is the scariest game you can play online with friends. You have to explore a haunted house occupied by a mysterious ghost that can both communicate with you or kill you. The investigators must find out what kind of ghost loves here and… survive.

Phasmophobia is both scary and funny, but the best gameplay experience can be provided only via VR. Yet, it still gives a visceral chill in the guts if played alone with the lights out and a headset put on.

3. Among us

This game has made a splash among fans of mafia-style social games and soon became one of the best app games to play online with friends via Android or iOS. A group of astronauts tries to work on a spaceship and complete its daily routine, but there’s an alien among them trying to kill everyone. So you have to find the beast and get rid of it. Or… not get caught.

Though Among Us looks primitive, it still attracts a lot of new users due to infinite opportunities to communicate with the gamers all around the globe and, of course, lie to them. Lying in this game is essential, and the greatest pleasure here comes with the successful and elaborated lies.

2. Deep Rock Galactic

There were a lot of attempts to copy and improve the working formula of Left4Dead survival cooperative online actions, and most of them failed. But in 2020 indie studio called Ghost Ship Games has presented a new perspective on a genre in Deep Rock Galactic. The game tells us about dwarves working in a Deep Rock Galactic corporation that mines the valuable resources from the dangerous asteroids in outer space.

In DRG, you and your friends have to gather a party of miners, scouts, and soldiers, go to the asteroid, get enough resources and leave that place. Though it sounds pretty simple, there are billions of monstrous insects willing to protect their hives and tear dwarves apart. After escaping the mine, you get to the station, sell your loot, upgrade equipment and… get drunk. In addition to the face-melting and brutal gameplay, DRG offers you the best drinking beer simulator that makes it totally worth playing online with friends. Cheers!

1. Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is the salvation of some kind for those who love traveling and cannot afford it due to covid-based restrictions. It is probably the best quarantine game to play online because of its irresistible spirit of adventurism. You and your friends here have to pull the act of a pirate ship crew. You need to navigate with the help of a compass and old school paper maps, look for hidden treasures, fight the sea monsters and, of course, rob other gentlemen of fortune. This game constantly generates funny and unforgettable situations.

For example, you have to find hidden treasure on a mysterious island, but, upon your arrival at the place, you find out that the other crew has already stolen the cherished crate. So, you have to rob them to get what you want. But this is not the end, because the treasures must be sold. So, you head to the nearest inhabited island, but halfway get attacked by Kraken! And all these situations happen randomly and aren’t scripted! That’s why we find Sea of Thieves totally the best game to play with friends online. Ahoy!

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