Blizzard Fired Senior Writer: Christie Golden Laid Off

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In a recent post on X on April 29, the community found out that Blizzard has fired its Senior Writer. With Christie Golden laid off, the new week begins with truly heartbreaking news.

Christie Golden Laid Off

Christie Golden worked as a Senior Writer at Blizzard for nearly 25 years. During her time there, she contributed to various aspects of the game, including cinematics, stories, and song lyrics. Her most notable contributions are the Shadowlands Afterlives: Maldraxxus short film, most of the Battle for Azeroth and in-game Sylvanas and Anduin cinematics.

Christie was also the one who created lyrics for the Warbringers: Jaina cinematic. She is also a talented author, particularly known for her books related to World of Warcraft, among which are “Sylvanas,” “Before the Storm,” and “Arthas: Rise of the Lich King.”

Christie Golden Laid Off: What Happened

Blizzard’s laying her off was like a bolt from the blue for her. On January 26, she lost her nephew in a long-term battle with cancer, and shortly after that, the company fired her. We do not know the main reason why Blizzard decided to let her go, but we hope Christie is doing well right now so she can continue to gift us with her work in the future.

Golden hopes Blizzard will renew the contract someday. Even though she keeps being positive, she misses so many days spent with voice actors and other amazing people she met at the company. Blizzard introduced her to the world of games and other cool experiences, which led to her becoming a NYT bestselling author, gaining new skills, winning valuable awards, and more. It is an immense boost to her career as a writer.

Community Opinion

Regardless of the discordant opinions about her making a mess of the WoW storyline, many people are saying that her input into the universe itself is invaluable. And the most important thing is that Christie receives a lot of acceptance and love from her friends, family, and former colleagues.


Christie Golden’s departure from Blizzard is undoubtedly disheartening news. However, as Sojourn from Overwatch 2 said, “Even the best journeys end. But a new one is just around the corner, and you never know where that road is going to take you.” We hope that it is a great time for Christie to open her heart to new horizons and move forward, something we are sure she will do successfully.

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