Steam Deck Games you should Try in 2023

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In 2022, Valve released their new portable gaming device named Steam Deck, which players from all over the world liked a lot. Finally, various PC games from across the generations are available to play handheld on one powerful system. Still, what exactly can you play on Steam Deck that isn’t available on Nintendo Switch or even other consoles? Well, by the article’s title, you are just about to learn about it. And if you’re interested, we’ve released a similar article, but aboutNintendo Switch games.

This article, however, brings together the most interesting game projects in a variety of genres, which are ideal for playing on Steam Deck. Before we dive in, we want to make it clear that there is no hidden meaning in the order of games. Therefore this is not quite a Steam Deck games rating because each of them is better in certain things or vice versa. Sure, some of them could be really old, but over the 20 years of Steam’s life, tens of thousands of fascinating projects have come out that you might not have heard of at all. You can also join our Steam Deck Giveaway, but more on that at the end of the list. Let’s find out the best Deck games you should try out!

Elden Ring

We start our list with something obvious but can’t do without it. After all, Elden Ring is considered one of the best games of 2022, as well as a true must-have for playing on the go. The idea of Dark Souls in the open world blossoms here with stunning visuals. Fantasy world inspired by Berserk with huge and challenging bosses, memorable locations, and a large sandbox space where you can do whatever you want. And on top of everything else, you can go on this epic adventure with friends?! There’s no getting away, you should try Elden Ring!

Red Dead Redemption 2

After hardcore adventures, you can go to the wild west with its meditative atmosphere. Many gamers remember Red Dead Redemption 2 as the most detailed game with the best western storylines ever. A living world with the daily routine of each inhabitant, the opportunity to hunt for different animals, memorable side quests, and the dramatic story of Arthur Morgan.

Even if you don’t want to play alone, you can always go with friends to RDR Online and meet many other cowboys with their own stories and goals. You have freedom and choice, and how you decide to use it depends only on you. Like those times were quite unpredictable, mate!

God of War

Sony has been delighting PC gamers over the past couple of years by porting classic games from the Playstation 4 era. God of War is an excellent opportunity for us to try it out on Steam Deck and dream of a new portable console from the blue team someday. Still, this game is a perfect way to experience Sony games in this generation.

The story tells about Kratos, once a furious warrior of Sparta and a real commander. After all the events of the past games, many years have passed. Now he has become a calm, reasonable, and genuine man who has survived many tragic events. You will see how he will try to raise his son alone without a loved one, confront his past again, and not lose himself in the new world.

A fantastic adventure that you will remember for years to come.

Yakuza series

Nintendo fans have been asking and waiting for the release of this series of games for years, but on Steam Deck, you will have a great chance to immerse yourself in them.

Yakuza is a series set for over 30 years in Japan. Those games are mainly about Kazuma Kiryu, who is constantly trying to escape from his Yakuza past. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, he has to get involved again and again. The plot here is a real action movie with drama, comedy, and even detective and mystic stories. The characters constantly get into crazy situations, which is very interesting to follow.

In addition, these titles have a well-developed and addictive beat ’em up-style gameplay, which periodically receives variety as mini-games with unique mechanics or games within the game. And the Yakuza Ishin spin-off remake is coming soon, and it could easily be one of the best for Steam Deck 2023 games.

Final Fantasy 14

Who could think that we were without MMO on the list? If you ask any player what is the best MMO on the market right now, most of the answers will be Final Fantasy 14. Even Gabe Newell himself said so!

Unique gameplay among partners in the genre, Japanese aesthetics with branded cooking quests, as well as a plot that turns out to be not boring and is very exciting. You can choose a specific class at the beginning of the game, but after hundreds of hours, you can even pump all the classes on one character and not break anything. Yes, everything here is so flexible and elaborate. In general, you will be surprised by numerous things here, so try to give FFXIV a chance!

By raposademeia from Steam

Apex Legends

Let’s say online MMOs are not interesting for you, and you want to play with your friends in an online shooter. Apex Legends is your ultimate choice on Steam Deck. One of the best Battle Royales on the market that only gets better with the features and power of this console. Going into battle using a gyroscope and taking a console with you is a pleasure.

The project is notable because this is one of the fastest-paced shooters here, and players who are constantly moving and not sitting in one place, primarily succeed here. All this comes with a unique cast of characters, each of which has special skills and abilities, opening up the massive potential for teamwork and strategy. A nice bonus can be that this is a free-to-play title, where you can never donate and get cosmetics and characters over time just by playing.

By FMattos from Steam

Psychonauts 1-2

Okay, we have discussed a bunch of games of different genres, but what about platformers? Switch has a massive games library and especially platformers. Only Steam Deck has one or two wonderful projects, and you can play on a portable only on it.

Psychonauts Dilogy are great games for Steam Deck that everyone should try if they could. The crazy idea of traveling through people’s minds and figuring out their problems is just incredible. It may seem to the average user that this is a child’s game, but there are discussions on adult topics, such as the impact of alcohol or gambling on an individual. And all this is clearly shown and told through the gameplay. The sequel so generally breaks those ideas in the most unexpected and surprising directions.

It is impossible to talk about Psychonauts in two paragraphs, so we recommend that you dive into the crazy world of these titles yourself.

Hi-Fi Rush

A few days ago, Quite unexpectedly, a new game from Tango Gameworks came out, and oh boy, what a gem it is! We already completed the game on Steam Deck, and we can say that Hi-Fi Rush is one of the major surprises in 2023!

Imagine if Devil May Cry was combined with Jet Set Radio and then added rhythm game mechanics. That’s exactly what Hi-Fi Rush is. Accompanied by a stunning visual, you are introduced to Chai, a guy who has come to a high-tech city to participate in a robot program for body part replacement. Due to an accident, MP3 player landed on the guy’s chest when the operation began. So from now on, everything in this world works on rhythm, and Chai is on the wanted list as a defect that needs to be destroyed. Now his task is to get out of this city and, at the same time, meet new robotic friends, such as a cute talking robot-cat. Have fun!

Cyberpunk 2077

We’ve already been in mythology, the past, and the modern world, but what about the distant future in our best Steam Deck games list? Despite the players’ disappointment, Cyberpunk 2077 is still an excellent RPG shooter. Especially on Steam Deck, it will captivate you for at least tens of hours, and after that, another dozen when DLC arrives in 2023.

A dark future where corporations have taken over the whole world and run as they please. And all this in the setting of a neon city, where even after death, there is no rest for a single soul. You can create a character that will simultaneously be a hacker and a berserker or a dexterous and pinpoint samurai. In Night City, there is always something to do, and chumba, you are always welcome, even portably.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series

Suddenly, a game breaks in that works perfectly on Steam Deck, although it needs a bit of tweaking from the player for a more enjoyable experience. It’s about the S.T.A.L.K.E.R., which is made by developers from Ukraine — GSC Game World. These games gave many players many emotions in the distant 2000s. After so many years, it never ceases to please and only surprise. On the road, those interesting games for Steam Deck will be the most unexpected surprise for you in 2023, as it will give the impression that it was made only for this type of game.

By n1ck28 from Steam

Forza Horizon 5

Of course, our list would be incomplete without a racing game, and Forza Horizon 5 perfectly copes with this. A racing simulator that is both arcade and realistic, so any player can quickly fall in love with this project. With the portability of a Steam Deck, the FH5 is becoming the go-to racing choice for many.

Oxygen Not Included

Even after the incredible success, the authors of Don’t Starve didn’t stop there. They made an equally interesting new project in the space-colony simulation genre. Your task is to grow a colony of astronauts who settle inside the comet and gradually expand and, after going to conquer space. Only there is always a high probability that your settlement will pick up a space windmill and decide to slip off the hooks. If you are looking for what to play on Steam Deck, Oxygen Not Included will be your favorite.

By skelevra_88 from Steam


The last in our article, but not the last in importance. Ultrakill is one of the craziest and fast boomer shooters right now. Your sophistication in defeating enemies is equal to your accuracy. You have to race through the levels, combining guns and their abilities with each other to make the fastest and most stylish kills. The authors themselves call this project Quake + Doom + Devil May Cry, but there is no better way to describe it. You only have to remember: Mankind is Dead, Blood is Fuel, and Hell is Full.

By MrAwesomeFalcon from Steam

We can talk about the most compelling Steam Deck projects for a long time, but if this is not enough for you, then we can also recommend the next Steam Deck verified games list to try: Inscryption, Persona 5 Royal, Rimworld, Outer Wilds, All Valve Games + Black Mesa, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, Rain World, Deep Rock Galactic, Death Stranding, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Spider-Man (2018), Devil May Cry 5, Stray, The Witcher 3, Project Zomboid, Dorfomantik, A Hat in Time and Valheim.

Here you have it. That’s all we can recommend to you for now. We could only fit some of the games into one article. However, unfortunately, it’s physically impossible to do it in one go. Nevertheless, if you liked it and could find those games you hadn’t heard about before, we are happy to help you. Be sure to tell your friends about this article because it will help us create more lists on similar topics.

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Thanks for reading. Owl is flying away.

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