Starfield Gameplay Leaker Got Arrested

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Starfield Gameplay Leaker Got Arrested

Starfield gameplay leaker has been arrested. A series of charges are now looming over their actions.

The leaked footage of Bethesda’s eagerly awaited sci-fi title had been the talk of the town over the past few days. Some were excited to dive into the 40-minute glimpse of real gameplay instead of swallowing the fake leaks. But there are also many others who were dismayed to come across said in-game content well ahead of the official release date.

The leaker was identified as Darin Tyrone Harris. On YouTube, he is DHavenShadow. Reportedly, he pilfered copies of the game from his workplace. Following this, he proceeded to share Starfield gameplay online, along with a review video. 

Apparently, that’s not the end of it. It came out later that Harris had many extra copies of the game for sale on his Mercari store, where there is an abundance of other video games and random items.

What is a Mercari store?

Mercari is an online hub with a Japanese origin for trading used items. In recent times, Mercari has become more and more popular worldwide.

Harris openly shared his store with other gamers. He also documented his trips to dispatch the illegally obtained copies. Throughout this process, he uploaded videos portraying his blatant transgression. All the while with his full name clearly visible and the location where he lived as part of his gamertag.

According to GameRant, he is facing three charges

Why has Darin Tyrone Harris been charged with marijuana possession?

In Tennessee, marijuana is classified as a controlled substance. 

Currently, it’s unknown whether Microsoft or Bethesda intends to take legal measures against Darin Harris

We are just days away from the game’s official release on September 6. And so, fans can take solace in not having to wait much longer to experience Starfield for themselves.

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