Riot is in Development of a Destiny-Like MMO FPS

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Riot is in the process of developing a new project. According to a recent job listing, it will have a resemblance to the famous FPS title Destiny.

The job listing in question was created to find a game designer to work on an “unpublished R&D product.” One of the criteria in its Required Qualifications mentioned:

“Deep familiarity with long-form progression systems from multiple angles (MMO, FPS, Premium Mobile, Competitive Multiplayer, ARPG)”

Riot Games

And another in Desired Qualifications:

“Deep insight into modern progression systems in lifestyle games such as MMO, FPS, Premium Mobile, Competitive Multiplayer, and season-driven ARPG games”

Riot Games

Although details are still scarce, the title is expected to be a shooter. According to PlayerIGN’s post on Twitter, the unknown project may turn out to be a Destiny 2 competitor as an MMOFPS.

Others think it could be an ExtractionFPS.

Riot’s success with Valorant puts the company in a solid position to produce another hit in the industry. Especially with its rich lore that has potential for use in other titles. However, recent challenges, including a hack and ransom email that delayed game updates, may impact the development of this new title.

Meanwhile, over the sky of Destiny 2, there is a plethora of actions going on. With the Witch Queen available for free, players have the chance to experience one of the best expansions before plunging themselves into the head-to-head confrontation of the Traveler and the Witness in Lightfall.

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