Most Popular MMORPG games in 2022

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Although World of Warcraft remains one of the most popular MMORPG in 2022, various reasons make people look for some other top MMORPG to play. The search for such games may fully satisfy expectations or even bring you to products of completely different types. The MMORPG market is getting more and more diversified, but also games that became popular many years ago are still very competitive, well-supported and rightfully attractive for thousands of players. You’ll quickly understand the reasons.


Guild Wars 2 seemed to be a revolution in genre already in the release year of 2012. It appeared with a number of features that many other games lack or adapted only after they got popular exactly due to their incredible success in this game. For example, two things that one, who likes solo MMO experience would appreciate: a fascinating way of the plot presentation through beautiful in-game cutscenes and mostly voiced dialogues, or a possibility to finish the major part of a story with only your single efforts. That definitely helped Guild Wars 2 remain one of the most played old MMORPG nowadays.

A game has also come up with an event system that seriously reminds what has been introduced into WoW as a system of World Quests. You may simply travel through the Tyria and suddenly come across a row of events apart from the main quest line and participate in them, solving problems of merchants from local villages or dealing with a tiresome boss. What makes this system even more convenient, everything is open for you to take part in without worrying about many familiar restrictions.

Just one example: there is no strict separation into Tanks, Healers and Damage Dealers for the most part of a content. You are your Tank, Heal and Damage Dealer. And your independence will be supported by a special system of Dodge and Evasion, that sometimes makes this game look much more like an action combat MMORPG.

The aesthetic side of the game is also one of the things that makes it popular. From not demanding requirements combined with an attractive graphic and to little but important features: like the fact that when you change your weapon, your casts will adjust to the change. If you use an axe as a ranged damage-dealer, you will throw an axe. While underwater fights will make you use a harpoon. Which is, honestly, much more logical than firing a gun in the depth of an ocean.


Besides, Guild Wars 2 may easily be preferred by players, who are fond of the online PVP games. A flexible system of this MMORPG affects this part of gameplay too: you can actually get into serious combat against other players right from the first levels. And plenty of PVP modes won’t leave you bored — especially if you’re interested in a vast World-vs-World fight…

Finally, a new expansion was released at the end of February. Development of a plot, new specializations for each class (that is named profession in GW2), and… a two-person combat turtle mount. As you guess: that’s not all, but even that turtle seems to be enough to make Guild Wars 2 one of the best mmos right now!

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

While Guild Wars 2 couldn’t have been named a MMORPG with the highest population, Final Fantasy XIV is definitely the one. Even though it is also not very fresh. In 2022, there are more than 1.5 million active players and more than 37 millions of total players. The reasons for such popularity can be understood simply through descriptions of the game’s features.

First of all, Final Fantasy will also satisfy those who can’t imagine a good PVE experience without a proper quality of the plot. Remarkable cutscenes await players nearly in all the quests, making one of the most popular MMOs look like a professional single-player game. Lots of vivid characters, plot turns and spectacular locations will emphasize that impression. Although someone can actually blame the game’s serious plot concentration, as its full accomplishment is one of the keys to many features of the endgame content.

As for that endgame content, it will seriously depend on what you want to do. If you are that story hunter, you can continue completing many additional questlines of the game and its expansions. If you are just a hunter, you can participate in actual Clan Hunt for rare Elite monsters — a process that can remind you of doing some World Quests in WoW but in a more complicated way. If you are a compulsive raid farmer — start farming late-game raids, although you will surely need to craft some equipment for it.


By the way, about crafting: if you’ve got tired of quite monotonous professions farm even in the top rated MMORPG, Final Fantasy is a breath of fresh air for you. One of the most impressive features of this game is its exclusive approach to craft: what you would call a «profession» here works also as a class that must be leveled up. And that leveling involves completing mini-games and rotations.

It can’t be said that Final Fantasy’s PVP system is poor. But someone still may mention that one of the biggest and promising MMORPG must have a PVP which is diversified more than just by number of players and type of arena. Many players find it fun, but that is not enough for a game that has other interesting and fun things to do, like building your own house, role-playing in a casino or entertaining crowds on city squares with your bard music.


One of the youngest top MMORPG of 2022 in the current list is definitely the Lost Ark. Once again, a memorable story is beautifully represented by high-quality in-game cutscenes and a journey through different locations, from snowy wastelands to technogenic cities. An unusual class system that also forces you to combine aspects from different specializations. A character’s appearance editor, very detailed for an isometric MMORPG.

Lost Ark became one of the current most popular games exactly due to being a good combination of everything that a MMO needs nowadays, but with an unusual angle. Judging by a first glance many people will call it Diablo-like, although in many aspects it actually is a game like WOW. PVP is surprisingly balanced and can also be farmed via a guild system. The endgame provides the possibility to farm Raids and separate Bosses.


Well, to some extent it is even more WOW-like than WOW itself, as Lost Ark has a very fun Sailing system… And the main problem of Lost Ark is that the gender of characters of some classes still can’t be chosen. But when such a problem becomes main for the game that can easily get into the list of top mmorpg of all time — you can understand how good everything else is.

Now you have a choice of what game to taste first if for some reason you got bored by WoW or simply want to feel something new. Someday you will also know more about upcoming MMOs or top mobile MMORPG in 2022, and for now you can also check our list of most anticipated games of this year and list of games to play with friends!

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