Destiny 2 Xur Loot Pool: Everything You Can Get

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Destiny 2 Xur Loot Pool

Destiny 2 is an incredibly interesting game due to its lore. The game presents a rich universe with tragic and epic stories that come to life through intriguing characters. Some of these characters are in-game vendors selling various items. However, among these vendors, one character stands out — Xur. This entity appears only on certain days and considers it his duty to help the Guardians. Who is this vendor, what is Xur loot pool, and what can you get from him? Today, you will find out!

Sit back comfortably because it’s time to unravel one of the mysteries of this universe!

Who is Xur

Let’s start with the answer to the main question of Destiny newcomers — who or what is Xur? This mysterious entity is a messenger of the enigmatic organization known as The Nine. He is entirely devoted to this organization, which has set him a simple goal — to help people in the solar system. We don’t know what Xur himself wants or what happened to his race of Jovians, but for now, it’s enough to know that he wants to help you.

Xur Locations

This mysterious vendor could be found in only three locations, each on a separate Destination:

To save time, you are able to see the exact location by using the tool below, or just watch the way to him on WowVendor’s YouTube channel, where every week you can find new videos about his place.

Don’t Miss Xur’s Next Appearance!

Check out where is Xur today using our tool. Here, you’ll find a convenient timer and all the loot he brought this time.

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Xur Loot Pool 2024

As we’ve said before, Xur brings things to assist people. Strangely enough, his loot is not random but very predictable. There’s quite a lot of it, but there’s an answer to what he could have this week.

Xur Exotic Engram Loot

The first thing people run to Xur for is Exotics, but few know that not everything is in his assortment. For example, you will never see armor released after Beyond Light for sale. So you know what to expect from him, we have prepared a table with Exotic Loot Pool:

Xur Exotic Engram Loot

Sadly, there is no pattern for Xur Loot Rotation. Nevertheless, on the vendor’s second page, you can discover Hawkmoon every week, which has a different roll each week.

While weapons do not change in terms of stats, each armor has its unique stats distribution. If you still don’t have a decent roll of any of the listed Exotics, then you can wait for it in the merchant’s assortment.

Xur Legendary Weapons

Long ago, our Jovian friend sold only Exotics, but Legendaries also entered his assortment at one point. You rarely find anything new here, as almost all his goods are from past seasons. This picture will help you uncover which weapons you may meet for sale:

Xur Legendary Weapons Pool

Since the mysterious merchant brings only six guns, each with a unique roll, we recommend keeping a close eye on him every week.

Xur Legendary Armor Loot Pool

As with weapons, Xur’s Loot Pool contains many different old armor, either very difficult or impossible to acquire. Often, a piece of armor may have an excellent roll, so we advise constantly inspecting the entire assortment. The list of sets that you may acquire from the mysterious vendor is as follows:

Don’t forget, if you want to use any armor as an ornament, you first need to convert it into one. If you don’t know how to do this, you can read our transmog guide.

Xur Exotic Cipher Quest

In Destiny 2, sooner or later, you’ve come across a currency like Exotic Cipher. It can be spent either on Exotics in Monument to Lost Lights or on Hawkmoon and Exotic Engram at Xur. You are able to obtain it in two ways: in the Season Pass (only one per season) or through the Xenology quest.

So, how to get Exotic Cipher quest from Xur? You can just take the Xenology quest from him every Friday, but no more than one time per week. The objective is to accumulate 21 points, which you can achieve by completing Strikes and winning matches in the Crucible and Gambit modes. Each completed activity will earn one point to the Quest, but you may speed up the process by taking on more challenging activities or playing with your Clanmates.

All of this will undoubtedly take some time, so if you want to complete Xur quest as quickly as possible, then head to the Legend Exotic Rotator Missions. Meeting them will earn you as much as seven points, so you only have to go through them thrice.

Don’t forget the most important thing, namely, to hand in this quest before the weekly reset. If you don’t manage to get your Exotic Cipher in time, the vendor won’t offer you the Xenology quest at his next appearance.

Other Pieces of Information about Vendor Besides D2 Xur Loot Pool

There are a lot of other things to tell about our favorite vendor, so we’ll briefly mention various facts about him:

Final Words

That’s all we can tell about Xur in Destiny 2. We hope our guide has been helpful, and let us know in the comments if you have any questions!

We would like to remind you that many other useful guides can be found on our blog. For example, we recently released a guide on Destiny 2 Forerunner, which is somewhat related to Xur in Dares of Eternity. This sidearm is worth your time and effort, so we recommend getting it!

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