Where Is Archie in Destiny 2? All Archie Locations!

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Players don’t know where is Archie in Destiny 2! The little dog is lost, and everyone is worried, but we can help you find him!

Where is Archie in Destiny 2

If you’ve been playing Destiny 2 lately, then you must know Archie, the beloved dog that all the Guardians adore. He’s the one that everyone loves to pet. However, recently, he has gone missing. Today, we will guide you on how to find Archie and reveal the reward that awaits you for finding him!

Destiny 2 Archie Tower Location: Video Guide

Archie first got lost at the Tower, and it was quite easy to find him. Nevertheless, not everyone knows how the Tower is structured, so we decided to make a separate video with all his locations. Below, we additionally describe how you can find him if you are uncomfortable watching the video.

Step 1. Find Archie’s Place 

First, you must travel to the Tower and choose a spawn point near Ada. As you run a bit further, you’ll see that there are traces on Archie’s spot, which you can interact with. Once you do that, talk to Ada and go on the search for our four-legged friend! 

Step 2. Follow Archie’s Path in the Tower

Now, we must follow the path of Destiny 2 dog. In the “Where in the Tower is Archie?” quest, you’ll have slight hints about his next location. Thus, visit the Ramen Restaurant, located opposite from where Ikora stands, and new trail can be found. After that, Archie ran to Cayde’s statue next to the big tree in the Courtyard Tower and then decided to visit Colonel in the Hangar.

Archie’s trail ends here, and we only know about some ventilation into which our friend crawled. Many of you could despair here, but he can be easily found by climbing the stairs where Xur usually stands, reaching the end, and jumping into the side ventilation. In there, run through a series of passages, jump back into the ventilation, and then jump out into the room where Archie awaits you.

Step 3. Pet Archie, Talk to Ada, and Earn Blue Steel Shader 

Return to Ada to receive 10 Trophies of Bravery and an Expired Ramen Coupon, which is useless and can be dismantled, although it will make Archie sad. That’s why we keep it and open the Into the Light triumphs tab to receive the exclusive Blue Steel shader and a chance to buy Archie plush from the Bungie Store. If you didn’t know how to get the Blue Steel shader, as it turns out, Archie was the answer! All fans of our four-legged friend will like the shader itself, and so our adventure ends here. 

Destiny 2 Archie Cosmodrome Location: Video Guide

For the second time, Archie set off for the Cosmodrome to visit the most iconic locations from Destiny 1. Below, we discussed how to find him, but for those who prefer a video guide, we have just prepared one.

Step 1. Visit Tower Again and Travel to the Cosmodrome

You need to visit Archie’s usual spot at the Tower near the entrance to Ada. There, you’ll find his paw prints again, and Ada is going to give you a quest that sends you to the Cosmodrome. Travel to that destination and spawn near Shaw Han to continue the pursuit.

Step 2. Follow Archie’s Path in the Cosmodrome

First, teleport to Skywatch, where the famous Loot Cave is located. You will need to walk straight and descend twice, then turn around to see the Loot Cave with Archie’s paw trace. 

The next step says: “Complex where we held off the Hive and Re-established communication with lost colonies across the system.” Jump up from the Loot Cave and enter the building on the right passage in the Terrestrial Complex, where you need to run to the central console that you were guarding for Ghost to repair. There, you’ll see a Sniper standing on Archie’s pawpath. You won’t get lost here since all the passages lead to a certain place, but we recommend watching the video guide above if you don’t know the exact location.

The following paw prints are in Forgotten Shore, specifically in the southmost part of Grotto. Directly from the last trace, run to the right and out of the complex until the sign for Forgotten Shore appears. From there, fly straight on your vehicle until the title for Grotto location appears, and keep to the left. You’ll see that you can drop to the entrance of Rasputin’s Bunker, where a Sniper again stands next to Archie’s trace. Explore and quickly return to The Steppes.

As soon as you spawn, turn left and run to the end until you see the sphere in which Archie is confined. Fight a bunch of enemies and defeat the Sniper boss to free your friend. Once you deal with everyone, you can bring Archie back. Finally, go to the Tower for 10 Trophies of Bravery and Spinfoil Hat.

Final Words 

Now you know how to get the Archie shader and know his location. We hope to see you in the comments and other joyful Guardians who were able to find him. Remember that next week Archie could disappear again, and we’ll have to look elsewhere, like on EDZ or Moon. So, yeah, we will update this guide when it happens!

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Owl Guy
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FYI, there is a typo:
“Explore and quickly return to The Steeps.”
It should read:
Explore and quickly return to The Steppes.


Don’t know why you’re calling it the “archie shader” when there isn’t an ounce of blue on that dog… It’s just a random poorly chosen shader in that quest. Archie is a combination of blacks, greys, and green highlights. A true archie shader would be sick, but blue steel is lame. It’s not even remotely reflective like steel either, no sheen in it.

Owl Guy
Owl Guysays:


I somewhat agree with you! The only thing blue about him is his muzzle. Otherwise, he is exactly the way you described him. The following weeks may provide an opportunity to get other shaders, but for now, that’s the only thing we have from Archie. And I called it Archie’s Shader because we get a shader from finding him. At least that’s my logic 😀