Best Titan Build Destiny 2: Endgame, GM Nightfalls, and PvP

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Do you want to get in Destiny 2 best Titan build to destroy combatants and guardians? This guide is your perfect chance!

Best Titan Build Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is known for its flexibility and room for creativity in creating various builds. We’ve already discussed what you can do with Solar, Arc, Strand, and other Subclasses on Titan. It might seem like there’s nothing more to tell but don’t jump to conclusions, as we can highlight the very best of them. This article will show you every best Destiny 2 Titan Build and where they should be used.

With this Guide, you can learn how to get Melee energy or Grenade energy more efficiently, how to help your nearby allies, which Exotic you should use, which is the best melee ability to equip, why you choose each subclass, and even more info. So, let’s dive into the best Titan Builds in Destiny 2!

Destiny 2 Best Titan Raid Build

D2 Titan Build

In Season of the Wish, best Titan Build for Endgame still has an amazing Exotic that turns Burning Maul into Burst Super, making Solar Guardians even stronger in Raids and Dungeons. 

With this best Titan build Destiny 2 PvE, you will live forever and deal massive damage using the Throwing Hammer with a high Melee range. Roaring Flames and Sol Invictus will assist you in this by gradually increasing every Solar Ability Final Blows’ damage and creating Sunspots that provide Restoration. Fragments play an important role for these Solar Abilities, as getting Radiant and extended Buffs duration is never superfluous, especially in Endgame.

The situation with Exotics in the Destiny 2 Titan build is quite interesting, as you’ll almost always use Synthoceps. When surrounded by enemies, it improves your Melee damage, making foes, even on Day One, not a problem with your Powered Melee attacks. However, when it comes to DPS Phases, be ready to wear Pyrogale Gauntlets. As we mentioned earlier, they turn Burning Maul into Burst Super, dealing a massive amount of damage. And to recharge this Super as quickly as possible, don’t forget to use Hands-on and Heavy Handed mods.

Speaking of Armor mods, we recommend using Special Finisher in our D2 best Titan build in any situation, as you will always have ammo issues. But when it’s time for damage, equip the required Armor Charge mods, like Surge mod and Time Dilation, for maximum DPS.

Destiny 2 Best Titan Grandmaster Build

Strand Titan Build

You were deeply mistaken if you thought the Suspend Nerf would somehow affect the second best Titan build Destiny 2 ever had in the list. This Subclass is still incredibly strong in PvE content, especially in Grandmasters.

The first and most crucial thing in this Destiny 2 solo Titan build is the combination of the Aspect and Exotic. Drengr’s Lash creates a ripple in reality that travels straight along the ground and suspends all targets. Abeyant Leap enhances this ability by releasing two additional ripples and providing Woven Mail on successful suspension. Additionally, we opt for a Into The Fray, which will give you Woven Mail (45% damage resistance) within the blast radius of your Tangle.

All that’s left is to take various Armor mods and equip Fragments to enhance abilities in the Titan build in Destiny 2:

Destiny 2 Best Titan PvP Build 

Destiny 2 Best Hunter PvP Build

Of course, who can forget the beloved Crucible, where Void Titan consistently dominated previous seasons? So, what makes this Subclass considered the best Destiny 2 Titan PvP build

Let’s start with Aspects, as they encompass the strength of the Sentinel. Bastion can be considered one of the most vital Aspects for PvP among all Subclasses, as it provides allies nearby and yourself with an Overshield when deploying Barricade. The second Aspect, Controlled Demolitionist, allows your Abilities to apply Volatile to your enemies. This Debuff detonates targets when damage is dealt to them, which can be extremely useful if the enemy has little HP left. 

Though you can play with any Exotic of your choice in this Titan Trials build, we can’t help but suggest the two perfect examples: 

In our Titan Trials of Osiris build, every Exotic is designed for aggressive gameplay. So, you can’t just sit at the back of the map doing nothing. To make the process of defeating targets more satisfying, equip different weapon mods that enhance your guns. You can also use the Reaper mod, which spawns the Orb of Power after using your Class Ability. And, since you’ll be using your Class Ability frequently, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of this mod.

Final Words

So, here you go, the ultimate Destiny 2 Titan Build guide is ready to be utilized. We are confident that each of these three loadouts will help you deal with any difficulties on your way. Be sure to tell your friends about them and check out our other articles, such as Void (with cool Shield Bash and Ward of Dawn) and Stasis (with freezing abilities) builds for Titans, or check Exotic Armor tier list with Heart of Inmost Light and more. There you’ll find even more intriguing discoveries or you can share them here in the comments. Either way, you’ll get a unique gaming experience with every Endgame Titan build.

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