The Final Shape Raid Release Date Revealed and Clan Updates

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Bungie has finally lifted the veil on the highly anticipated release date of The Final Shape Raid, marking a significant milestone for Destiny 2 players!

The Final Shape Release Date

New TWID, new details about changes in The Final Shape! This time, Bungie has made a short but fascinating post where the charm lies in the details. So, let’s quickly find out what other changes await us in the expansion! 

The Final Shape Raid Day One 

Unlike the recent DLCs, where the Raid was held 1.5 weeks after their release, The Final Shape Raid will be released just three days later — June 7. Although there are some advantages, the disadvantages of needing more time to level up, not understanding the new meta, and the abundance of new game-breaking bugs easily overpower them. Perhaps Bungie has prepared a surprise for the players, but we can only wait for now. 

The Final Shape Raid
(Source: Bungie)

The Final Shape Clan Updates

Finally, there will be QoL changes for the clan system, including a Hawthorne rank reputation system. That’s right! Now you can visit Hawthorne to get engrams and earn upgrade materials with raid banners.

Clan bounties will also undergo minor changes. For example, there will be new bounties, like completing episodic content and dungeon encounters. Clan bounties themselves will provide additional clan reputation. By the way, it will be easier to gain experience for clans, as it’ll be slightly reworked in TFS. A pleasant change might be that the Nightfall bounty will no longer require a sixth clan rank.

Finally, the last and most interesting change is the complete overhaul of clan perks, which have long been outdated. We will leave a table with the new rewards up to the sixth rank, but interestingly, the fourth rank provides additional Spoils of Conquest and a bonus experience in Trials.

Destiny 2 Clan Update

Leaving Into the Light Content

After the Into The Light Roadmap appeared, many did not understand which content would stay in TFS and which would remain with us until Into the Light ends. In this TWiD, the developers decided to give more details about this.

On the third of June, we will lose: 

Although players are disappointed with the removal of Pantheon from the game, developers have said that they’ll monitor feedback for their future plans. We’ll likely see another similar activity, which will definitely be pleasing.

At the expansion release, players will have access to:

Weapon Attunement, Superblack Shader, and Armor will also leave after The Final Shape’s release. However, developers have reported that they will appear throughout the TFS Year. 

This Week In Destiny ends here. Maybe next week, developers will tell us a bit more about Pantheon, but let’s not guess too early. So, stay tuned for next week and be sure to follow this blog!

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