Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph Finale Event Announced

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Bungie has just released an announcement about the finale quest and activity in Season of the Seraph. The news has sparked a lot of interest and anticipation among the Destiny 2 community. Many are looking forward to experiencing the event first-hand.

Set to happen during the final two weeks, the quest will automatically commence upon logging in for Season Pass holders. As long as they have completed the “More Than a Weapon” quest.

The finale, the Lunar New Year, and the return of Iron Banner will keep you busy until Lightfall’s launch on February 28. So buckle up! Mark your calendars. And prepare for unforgettable occasions that promise to end the season on a high note.


Just minutes ago, Destiny 2 released a Season 19 ending cinematic for The Witch Queen finale. Players are deeply moved not only by the story so far, but also struck by the immense nostalgia at 3:27 as Season of the Seraph hits its climax. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness one of the game’s most impactful scenes and catch up on references from previous games in the cinematic.

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