Destiny 2 Season of the Deep: Everything You Need to Know

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Overview Season of the Deep

The Season of the Deep has started, and we’re finally returning to Titan to disrupt all Hive plans once again and dive into the depths of this moon we’ve long wanted to explore. In this article, you’ll learn about this season, its loot, and why fishing was added to Destiny 2. Let’s begin our immersion into the Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Guide!


In the Season of the Deep, our Guardian receives a message from an old acquaintance Sloane, who urgently requires our help. Every Guardian thought that Sloane had perished during the Season of Arrivals, but fortunately, she carried out the order to survive and was able to protect herself from the darkness.

Guardians arrive on Saturn’s moon, attempting to find Sloane’s signal, and after realizing she is somewhere deep down. Commander Zavala gives us permission to go into the depths, where we meet our beloved titan, who got changed somewhat and turned out to be corrupted by the Takens. The first major twist in the Season of the Deep Story!

Season of the Deep Story

The most remarkable thing is that the distress signal was not for her but for a Leviathan named Ahsa, which will tell us about The Witness and The Traveller through Sloane during the season. To make Leviathan talk, we must collect unique corals and defend ourselves against Xivu Arath with her army of Takens, who are plotting something terrible. And very likely, we will learn about these plans in the new Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon.

Seasonal Loot

There is no limit to the loot god of loot! This season has a lot of new things to farm, so let’s not procrastinate on this matter and proceed to the next Season of the Deep Overview.

Exotic Weapons

Bungie decided to delight us with three new Exotic weapons this season! As per tradition, you’ll be able to find one in the Season Pass, another will greet you in the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon, and the last one can be found during the course of the season.


Season Pass Exotic

The new Arc Auto Rifle won’t give you a moment’s rest. Why is that? It’s all in the Exotic Perk, which charges the gun with an electrostatic charge when you run, slide, fly, or shoot from it. When fully charged, this Exotic creates blinding explosions for Final Blows. The Catalyst makes this gun even better for Arc lovers, as it will give you a charge as long as you have the Amplified buff.

The Navigator and Wicked Implement

Little is known about these two Exotic Weapons, but we will write all the known information.

The Navigator

Seasonal Weapons

Let’s move on to the juiciest part: Season of the Deep Weapons. As they say, you need to know your enemy face-to-face, so we will be destroying Taken Enemies with the appropriate guns. This season you will encounter six new guns, albeit with old models.

Taken Weapons

They also possess a unique Origin Trait called Unsated Hunger, which improves your handling, stability, and reload speed when you have no charged abilities. How do you get these guns? Simply play the seasonal activities, which we’ll discuss in another segment. One of our main Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Tips is to farm them as soon as possible.

Reckoning Weapons

Along with their Taken version, the original Reckoning Weapons returned, including the much-loved Spare Rations! But don’t get fixated on it, as the other guns are also worth your attention. You can get them by fishing (yes, you heard right) or by focusing engrams.

Season of the Deep Reckoning Weapons

Although there were many guns from Reckoning, only 6 were returned, namely:

Exotic Armor

In Season 21, along with a rework of old Exotic armor, three new ones have also been released: Arms for Hunter, Helm for Warlock, and Chest for Titan. Let’s break them down a little more in detail:

Season of the Deep Armor

Of course, the new season comes with fresh armor, which you can try on and fully match the season. However, this is only partially correct, as we were also greeted by a new collaboration, which we’ll detail further!

This time, Bungie really let loose and managed to convey the spirit of underwater immersion with this new seasonal armor, which is made in a diving theme with oxygen tubes, loods, antennas, and so on. It’s very easy to get, as you just need to play any seasonal activities, and you’ll definitely acquire it.

Seasonal Deep Armor

Next, we have ornaments that can be unlocked in the Season Pass. In the case of this armor, Bungie outdid themselves, as they made natural living armor from underwater plants that are constantly moving and, with the proper shader, can shimmer with gorgeous colors. We recommend getting it as soon as possible.

Season of the Deep Armor

The most important thing is that this season we were pleased with a collaboration with the Playstation brand, where each armor takes the characters of Sony as its base. For instance, Titans have assumed the role of Kratos, Hunters decided to cosplay Aloy, and Warlocks became space samurais from Ghost of Tsushima. Meanwhile, our Ghost, sparrow, and ship have been infected with spores from The Last of Us, so be careful when purchasing them. Oops, yeah, one more thing. Yes, these sets are paid, and you will have to spend your hard-earned money if you want to touch Playstation characters in Destiny 2.

Season of the Deep Collab

Loot from Other Activities

But the loot is not limited to just this season because there are other activities too!

First of all, Bungie updated the perks of the guns from Last Wish Raid and made them craftable! After that, these guns can be a real discovery for many, so we will list them. In the good old Raid, you will find:

The Core playlists have also received a lot of attention, and there you can find such new guns as:

You can also find something new in PvP modes, namely:

The openworld loot pool has also been replenished with new intrigue weapons:

New Activities

Of course, new weapons and features are cool, but the latest activities and content in the Season of the Deep are even better. This season delighted us with three new activities that will be filled with fresh content over the course of three months!


The first activity in this season that you’ll be able to experience is Salvage. Like Dares of Eternity, that’s a six-person activity where you must achieve three random tasks and dive into the depths of Titan to battle this week’s boss. The activity is quite simple; the main thing is to figure out how it works. And next, we’ll explain to you through a minor Season of the Deep Walkthrough.

Season of the Deep Titan

Currently, you can complete the activity in two places: on platforms and in New Pacific Arcology, where tasks vary from case to case. There are five of these tasks in total:

The boss varies from week to week, and the conditions for victory over them also change. For example, one such boss is Azshradat, who requires you to destroy rune-keepers and stand on the right rune to start the damage phase.

Deep Dive

The second activity can be played both solo and in a team of three Guardians. In Deep Dive, you’ll dive deeper and deeper into the Ocean. With each new level, you’ll face a greater threat and a corresponding reward.

Season of the Deep The Leviathan

Of course, there is one catch. Not all available content in this activity is currently accessible, and it’ll be accessed gradually throughout the season. But this fact doesn’t prevent you from enjoying this rogue-lite mode!

It’s Fishing Time!

Fishing is obviously the main favorite content among all Season of the Deep Activities. When you get tired of all the content in the game, you can travel to EDZ, Throne World, or Nessus to catch some fresh fish.

Season of the Deep Fishing

At first glance, the activity is straightforward, as you just press one button and occasionally get from Uncommon to Exotic fish. But that’s only at first glance because for the most effective fishing, you should:

And you don’t just go fishing. In H.E.L.M., you can hand in everything you caught. In return, you’ll get exotic armor, Reckoning weapons, decorations for H.E.L.M., and more legendary loot! As funny as it sounds, fishing is the deepest (he-he) activity in the entire game, and it’s worth doing even if you don’t really want to. Although even according to the Season of the Deep Lore, they tried to write its application.

New Features

Along with the new season, a lot of different changes have been added to the game, as well as new Strand Aspects! But first things first.

Strand Aspects Quest

With the new season, Bungie added a new quest for Lightfall owners, rewarding you with a third aspect for every Strand class and a Solar Adaptive Hand Cannon named Epochal Integration, possessing good perks. The quest itself will reveal a bit about Neomoon and The Veil but don’t expect to learn anything substantially new.



Each class got its own aspect and here is what each of them can do:

Hunter’s Threaded Specter will leave a decoy woven behind a class ability that will distract enemies and explode when enough damage is taken. 

Titan’s Flechette Storm activates your charged melee ability while sliding to jump into the air, knocking nearby targets away and dealing damage. 

Warlock’s The Wanderer creates Tangle, a Strand Sphere, after Threadling final blows, and those spheres stick to enemies and explode into a suspending burst.

Epochal Integration

The brand-new hand cannon is amazing, but it’s suitable only for PvE and those who didn’t get godroll hand cannons from Raids or Dungeons. You can use Stats for All and Incandescent, improving reloading and making enemies glow nearby. Also, this weapon can be great for cleaning up or perfectly combined with some shotgun, like Conditional Finality. Epochal Integration, of course, is unsuitable for high-end activities, but hand cannons fans will love it.

Exotic Armor Focusing 

Players have been waiting for this for a long time, and after so many years, Exotic Armor focusing has finally been added to the game! However, it is very easy to get confused about it, so we’ll quickly explain to you how it works.

Season of the Deep Armor Focus

First of all, it’s worth knowing: not all Exotic Engrams can be focused. You can get them from:

Using the first method, you can receive up to 9 engrams each week, naturally allowing you to get Exotics with good stats quickly. So what about the focus itself?

There are two different types of focus.
In the first, you’ll not be able to focus on a specific exotic, but only a pool of certain exotics, for example, Red War: Exotic Helms or The Witch Queen: Exotic Armor. You’ll require 1 Exotic Engram, 30,000 Glimmer, and 1 Ascendant Shard for this.
The second is much more expensive, but you can focus on specific armor, forgetting about randomness. The price may scare many, as you need 1 Exotic engram, 60,000 Glimmer, 3 Ascendant Shards, and 1 Exotic Cipher. You can look in this article if you suddenly don’t know where to get all these resources. Exotic Weapons and Armor Rework 

Exotic Weapons and Armor Rework

Even though Bungie has added a lot of new Exotics, they haven’t forgotten about the old ones. Some of them received a significant buff, while others can now be safely buried in the vault. The most interesting here are:

Final Words

And that’s all we know about Season of the Deep right now. A new Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon has already been released, which we’ll write about separately in another article with all its details. You can find it in a couple of days on our blog. For the rest of the time, we hope that the depths of the Titan won’t frighten you, and we’ll finally find the answer to the question of who The Witness is.

Thanks for reading! Owl is flying away.

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