Destiny 2 Salvation’s Edge loot table: weapons, armor, and more

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A raid was released in the recent update of Destiny 2: The Final Shape. In this guide, we present Salvation’s Edge loot table.

Salvation’s Edge loot overview

Salvation’s Edge raid unlocked on June 7, at the same time, the World First Race took place, which we have already reviewed in detail. To the players’ surprise, Salvation’s Edge turned out to be one of the most challenging raids in Destiny 2 in recent years. There are five encounters in the Salvation’s Edge raid. Potential loot for Salvation’s Edge includes one Exotic weapon, six Legendary weapons, three Legendary armor sets per class, and four cosmetic items: Sparrow, Ghost Shell, Shader, and, of course, the Emblem.

All Legendary weapons have a ton of different perks and rolls variations. Still, the fifth column of each weapon is the Collective Purpose origin trait exclusive for these raid weapons, which enhances the weapon’s range and handling when allies are nearby.

List of triumphs that can reward you with additional cosmetics:

Salvation’s Edge loot table

First Encounter:
Second Encounter:
Herald of Finality
Third Encounter:
Fourth Encounter:
Fifth Encounter:
The Witness
Nullify (Pulse Rifle)Forthcoming Deviance (Glaive)Nullify (Pulse Rifle)Summum Bonum (Sword)Euphony (Linear Fusion Rifle)
Non-Denouement (Combat Bow)Non-Denouement (Combat Bow)Forthcoming Deviance (Glaive)Non-Denouement (Combat Bow)Nullify (Pulse Rifle)
Imminence (Submachine Gun)Imminence (Submachine Gun)Critical Anomaly (Sniper Rifle)Imminence (Submachine Gun)Summum Bonum (Sword)
Critical Anomaly (Sniper Rifle)
Promised Reunion Gauntlets (Arms)Promised Reunion Helm (Helmet)Promised Reunion Gauntlets (Arms)Promised Reunion Greaves (Legs)Promised Reunion Helm (Helmet)
Promised Reunion Plate (Chest)Promised Reunion (Class Item)Promised Reunion Greaves (Legs)

We will update and expand this article as new information becomes available, so stay tuned!

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