Play Destiny 1 on PC with RPCS3 Emulator

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Destiny 1 can now be played on PC thanks to various communities’ efforts. Initially released on console platforms, the 2014 original game never received an official PC port. So Lucas, a Destiny fan, took the time and effort to make it playable on PC via the RPCS3 emulator and V4NGUARD alternative servers. His steady process is shared on Youtube.

Seeing familiar places in old designs will inevitably stir your emotions with waves of nostalgia. However, many functional matters require better solutions. The V4NGUARD is not currently ready for public use. While progress has been made in getting the game to run on PC, it has yet to be fully playable through emulation. Performance and visual issues need to be solved. The Rise of Iron DLC won’t be available as this is an emulation of the PS3 version.

Things keep changing, however. Lucas noted that the V4NGUARD servers are expected to have a public alpha release in March 2023. Players will then have the chance to experience old content and witness the development progress.

The Bungie community has grown significantly in recent years. Though many aspects require more time to be perfected, players can still get excited about what is to come. If you’re interested in finding out more about the project, then don’t hesitate to check out the creators’ Twitter and Discord server.

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Katherine Mathiowetzsays:

so what is the link so I can play Destiny 1? I can’t use the coltrolers because of my hand…


Hi! Thank you for pointing it out, I’ve already fixed it. The link should lead to their Twitter now ^-^


So I would love to play Destiny 1.!!! I began Destiny 2 at the Red War. When will it be available to the rest of us? And of course what is the cost to play it? Thanks