New Shader Icons and Exotic Armor Changes Are Revealed

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Bungie revealed new Destiny 2 Shader icons and Exotic armor changes in The Final Shape!

New Shader Icons and Exotic Armor Changes Are Revealed

It’s Thursday today, so it’s time for a new TWID update! Last week, we informed you about the latest changes in the Power Level, but today, we have some exciting news to share about Shaders and new ways to get Exotic armor! Let’s dive in and take a closer look!

Exotic Armor and Rahool Rework in The Final Shape

Our beloved Cryptarch Rahool will receive a significant change in The Final Shape:

  1. You will now be able to earn Rahool reputation by opening engrams and focusing them to level up your rank and receive rewards
  2. After a rank reset, you will be eligible for the Engram Ensiders program, which allows you to focus any Exotic armor (including new) for any character using one Exotic engram and one Exotic cipher without a weekly limit.
  3. New Exotic armor will only be obtained from Rahool through focusing

Do you have some questions about the third point? Now, Exotic engrams will drop from Lost Sectors, which you can focus on to get the armor. Meanwhile, armor will still drop from the Vex Strike Force, but the one that comes out after the Season of the Wish will no longer be.

New Destiny 2 Shader Icons

Remember when Bungie promised to update the Shader icons? Well, they’ve finally revealed what they will look like. And as promised, all six colors are included. The new icons now display everything, especially if the Shader has an effect, like a glow. Check out the images below:

New Shader Icons

Destiny 2 PvP Maps Release

If you have forgotten about the new maps for Destiny 2 PvP, then we would like to remind you that they will be released on May 7. Anyone who wishes to play on these maps can participate in the 3v3 playlist called “New Territory.” All participants will be able to receive an exclusive Slaycation emblem!

Slaycation Emblem

Destiny 2 Windows 7 and 8 Support End

Unfortunately, users of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 will need to upgrade to a newer version due to Destiny 2’s ending support on these operating systems on June 4. As Bungie has stated, their game will still run on these systems, but they cannot guarantee good performance.

Final Words

That’s the end of this week’s TWID, but you can check it out separately to learn about changes in Special ammo in PvP, where they thoroughly detailed its complete change. The article also touched on changes in Pantheon encounters, which we also talked about. See you next week, Guardians!

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Pretty misleading to title it “exotic armor changes” when the only thing changing is how the armor is acquired.