New Destiny 2 Cutscene Answered the Biggest Game’s Mystery

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The Fifteen Last Wish

Throughout the season, players have been interested in how exactly the resurrection of Savathun would aid the Guardians in the battle with The Witness. Today marked the release of the new week in the Season of the Witch, where the answer to the biggest mystery of Destiny 2 was found.

The new week granted players a new Opaque Card, which you can acquire in the Altars of Summoning activity on the right side arena atop the pillar. After receiving it, return to the Altar located in the H.E.L.M. By activating it, you’ll get a hint to head to the Imbaru Engine.

There, you will have to solve the most challenging puzzle of the season. You need to activate specific runes. We will leave a map of the correct runes from Destiny BulletIn. After this, players will be rewarded with a final cutscene, a unique emblem, and a new shader.

(Source: Destiny BulletIn)

Attention! For the best experience, we recommend solving the puzzle yourself before proceeding, as what follows are significant plot spoilers.

In the cutscene, it is revealed that Savathun gave a hint to the Guardians, explicitly showing the pattern of The Last Wish. Currently, players are trying to activate the fifteenth wish, but this will take some time.

It appears that the rumors we previously heard might be true after all, as the upcoming Season 23 is likely to revolve around the hunt for the last remaining Ahamkara. This creature has the power to grant wishes and possibly could allow Guardians to enter the portal of The Traveller.

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