New Cayde-6 Funko Pop Is Revealed as Bungie Store Exclusive

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Get your hands on new Cayde-6 Funko Pop that is available today!

Cayde-6 Funko Pop

Unexpectedly for many fans, Bungie has introduced a new figure from Funko Pop, which has become Cayde-6 using his Solar abilities!

Fan-favorite Hunter stands at 6.3 inches (160mm) and has glowing eyes that make him easy to spot even in the dark. Fans of the emblem can purchase the figure to get the exclusive “My Serious Face” emblem. The emblem will be sent via email after April 9. The figure costs only $15 and can only be purchased from the Bungie Store. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, and order now before they sell out.

Cayde-6 emblem funko

The figure has received a warm response from fans online. However, the shipping cost is quite high for many due to the distant regions where buyers are located, with some paying twice the figure’s price. In the comments section, users are asking Bungie to reconsider the cost for such regions:

Will you be buying this figure, or are you also suffering from high shipping prices? Share with us in the comments!

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Prismatic Saviorsays:

It’s too late now for everyone else on the planet to buy any from the Bungie store! They let all of the scammers in the world buy them all up so they can profit from them on EBAY. PRICES ARE SO HIGH WE CAN’T AFFORD THEM NOW ANYWAY! THANKS BUNGIE! 🙁