Destiny 2 Lightfall Player Soloed New Raid Boss

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A Destiny 2 Guardian has successfully soloed Root of Nightmares (RoN) final boss. Thus, proving to the community that Lightfall’s new raid doesn’t require a six-player fireteam to complete.

For fans of the MMO genre, it’s well-known that raid is usually the most challenging content in a game. Despite RoN being short and easier than previous instances in the FPS title, it doesn’t mean one can just casually waltz in and take down the final boss without breaking a sweat. Thus, it’s a feat that TheSnazzzyRock, a Destiny 2 YouTuber, has been attempting to complete. Ever since its launch, they have been facing certain encounters solo or with just one other Guardian.

In a video posted by TheSnazzzyRock on YouTube, the successful attempt to defeat Nezarec took just under 12 minutes. The victory was accomplished through the skillful use of an optimized build that effectively dealt with the unceasing waves of enemies. By equipping the powerful arm Exotic, Sunbracers, the player extended Solar Grenades’ duration to incinerate nearby Cabal. At the same time, they focused their attacks on Nezarec. This strategy was key to their success in the challenging battle.

TheSnazzzyRock found a safe zone in a corner of the arena where most threats were avoided. From this advantageous position, they unleashed a barrage of rockets at the formidable Final God of Pain, slowly but surely chipping away at his health bar. After repeating this process three times, they reached the final damage phase. The ending showdown was intense, sending Nezarec flailing and flying backward.

The victory was hard-earned but absolutely satisfying and impressive. Thus, it’s undoubtedly inspired others to attempt the challenge themselves.

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