Into the Light Second Stream Recap: New Weapons and Hub

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Into the Light second stream recap is here with everything you should about weapons and new Social Space!

Into the Light Second Stream Recap

Key Takeaways:

  • New Social Space is Hall of Champions. This location is very similar to Xur’s lair and will operate on a very similar way.
  • A total of 12 weapons are returning to Into the Light, including Moutaintop, Luna’s Howl, Recluse, and more!
  • Into the Light guns will have new perks, updated old perks, and unique origin trait.
  • Players will be able to get the all-black shader by fulfilling special conditions.

Today marked the second Into the Light Stream, where numerous delightful details about the upcoming content update were presented! You can look forward to a new social space, the coolest rewards with the best weapons in the game, and more! Also, if you missed the first stream on Into the Light, we recommend reading our article about it.

Into the Light Social Space

First off, we’ll discuss the new Social Space in Destiny 2 — Hall of Champions. Here, players can visit this location to reminisce about Destiny’s memorable moments and chat with our old and beloved Shaxx!

Essentially, the Hall of Champions will largely resemble Xur’s Treasure Hoard, where you can find chests, various secrets, and more. This is where you’ll come to spend the earned currency called Trophies of Bravery, which is required to obtain returning weapons and new armor. You can also find and use Shaxx’s Attunement Hologram here to increase the drop chance of specific weapons, speeding up your farm for the perfect roll. By the way, next to Shaxx, you can find Arcite 99-40 from Destiny 1 with five bounties and four weapon quests with a limited edition look (which we’ll discuss later).

Into the Light Social Space

This is all you need to know about Into the Light Social Space. Now we can explore the upcoming meta weapons!

Into the Light Weapons and New Trait with Perks

For the new Onslaught Activity, Bungie revealed a set of 12 weapons, which players recognized as cult classics. Until the release of Into the Light, you’ll be able to get them with an exclusive Ornament that will remind you that you were here at this time.

The stream not only revealed their list but also showcased some perk combinations:

As you may have noticed, a new frame with old perks was showcased on stream, along with the return of these weapons. First, let’s talk about the Micro-Missile Frame for Special GLs, which projectiles fly in a straight trajectory. Its features continue, as it allows you to make Rocket Jumps like in Team Fortress 2 and Quake!

In terms of old perks, the beloved Magnificent Howl and Master of Arms are returning. The first perk has undergone a complete rework, and now, for each Precision Final Blow before reloading, you will receive Enhanced Rounds with increased Range and Damage after weapon reload. Furthermore, if you perform Final Blows with the active perk, numbers of Enhanced Rounds in your mag will increase. Master of Arms will be slightly changed, however, its damage bonus will be weakened since it was extremely strong in its old iteration.

One of the stream’s notable moments was the showcase of the Into the Light Origin Trait for weapons named Indomitability. With it, your builds will become even cooler, as performing Final Blows will give you Grenade energy with the Light subclass and Melee energy with the Darkness subclass. 

Also, a new perk, which has not yet been named, was showcased. Last Stand (its pre-release name) will provide Bonus Damage for Weapon Final Blows, while kills from your Abilities will make this Bonus even more powerful. This perk’s main difference from Golden Tricorn is that Weapon Final Blows extend max Bonus Damage timer, although it is weaker than Golden Tricorn x2.

As you can see, the perk combinations on these guns are quite powerful even now. Take, for example, Hammerhead with two Damage Perks or Midnight Coup with Explosive Payload and Kinetic Tremors. Although these guns are not craftable, they can be enhanced in The Final Shape! But that’s not all. Tomorrow, an article will be released covering all the perks on these guns.

New Long-Awaited Shader

Another small and pleasant surprise for fashion enthusiasts in Destiny 2 will be the opportunity to unlock the long-awaited all-black shader. For this, you will need to obtain the Superblack Key from Shaxx’s rank 17, complete weekly weapon quests from Arcite, and then open the Superblack Containment behind him. Below, the developers have shown what it will look like, and honestly, we are already thrilled!

Final Words

And that’s all that was shared about the content in Into the Light. Of course, we were told about an additional +100 spaces in the Vault, but this joyful feature will only appear in The Final Shape. The next and final Into the Light stream will take place again on Tuesday at 1:00 PM (EST) or 6:00 PM (CET), where develooers will talk about the return of an old Exotic Mission (likely The Whisper will return), new PvP Maps, and even more new info. So, see you next week!

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