Best Hunter Exotic Armor in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish

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It’s time to learn about the best Hunter Exotic Armor in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish with the WowVendor tier list!

Key Takeaways

  • Hunter is a very versatile class with many exotics for PvP and PvE activities.
  • The best option for PvE may be Assassin’s Cowl due to its simplicity and usefulness in any builds.
  • In PvP you will be surprised by Knucklehead Radar, which has no disadvantages and only benefits!

There is nothing more pleasant than finding a powerful Exotic that changes your gameplay. With the best Warlock exotic armor in Destiny 2, you are able to become an unstoppable grenade generator, while the best Titan exotic armor offers absolute power over the battlefield.

As you’ve already guessed, this article is about the best Hunter exotics in Destiny 2. With them, you can not only easily defeat opponents in PvE, but also be the main face of the team in PvP. So, sit back more comfortably because we are starting the search for the most important exotics.

Best Hunter Exotic Armor for PvE

Best PvE Hunter Exotic

As usual, let’s figure out why certain Hunter PvE Exotics are in Meta or Good positions. Each of them can help you with endgame content, like helping you gain increased melee regeneration or allowing you to have a good time!

Assassin’s Cowl

Assassin's Cowl

We’ll start the list with the simplest and easiest Exotic to use from our PvE Tier List. Powered Melee final blows and finishers grant invisibility and restore health. Ideal for Subclasses such as Solar and Arc due to the powerful Melee, and it can match perfectly with Strand. So, if you were looking for the best exotic armor for Solar Hunter in Destiny 2, or Arc/Strand Hunter, Assassin’s Cowl is your must-pick!

Star-Eater Scales

Star-Eater Scales

Here comes the must-have Hunter Exotic Armor for Dungeons and Raids. Thanks to Star-Eater Scales, you get the ability to gain more Super energy from Orbs of Power, as well as the ability to overcharge your Super. How to activate it? All you have to do is pick up Orbs when your Super energy is full. You can gain up to four stacks of Overcharge and increase the damage from your Super to 70%. It has every chance to be the Best Hunter Exotic Armor Legs and a must-have for fans of Gathering Storm or Blade Barrage.

Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk

Gyrfalcon's Hauberk

Our best Hunter Exotic Armor in Destiny 2 list would be unfinished if Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk wasn’t here. Although this Exotic was good in PvE, it created absolute horror in PvP, which is why Bungie remade it. However, it managed to become even better!

You get volatile rounds after emerging from invisibility. While invisible, you also gain various bonuses when using a finisher. This Exotic Perk already sounds powerful, but it fully reveals itself by using the Stylish Execution aspect. You get invisibility by defeating the volatile target, but you can make explosive rounds with emergence. As a result, taking down enemies with Void weapons will permanently grant you invisibility and volatility, making it the best exotic armor for Void Hunter.

Celestial Nighthawk

Celestial Nighthawk

Hunters are renowned for their Supers, which are ideal for DPS Phases. One such Super is the Solar Golden Gun, which became less relevant after the release of Blade Barrage. Fortunately, with the release of Season 23, Celestial Nighthawk received a huge buff, making Golden Gun the most potent Super Damage in the entire game. Celestial Nighthawk turns your regular GG into a One-shot Super, dealing massive damage. A pleasant bonus of this best Destiny 2 exotic Hunter armor is the ability to gain additional Super energy for Precision Final Blows, which is extremely easy to achieve.

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In Season 22, Foetracer received a full Rework, essentially becoming a brand-new Exotic. Now, when dealing damage to Elite, Miniboss, Champion, or Boss Enemy with your Abilities, you receive x4 Weapon Surge, matching your subclass. Additionally, you mark these targets with your abilities, and killing them grants you an Elemental Pickup, like Tangle. Currently, Foetracer is one of the best Exotic Armors for Hunter, suitable for any Subclass.



Do you love being constantly invisible along with your allies? This chest is perfect for you because it gives a second Smoke Bomb Charge, and you also gain damage resistance while invisible. And yes, your nearby allies gain resistance, too. Moreover, using this Charged Melee ability on allies grants you additional melee energy. Therefore, if you make two of your teammates invisible, you will gain Melee energy to the maximum.

Lucky Pants

Lucky Pants

Do you want to inflict more damage with Hand Cannons than with Special or even Heavy weapons? If so, you already know about Lucky Pants and why it is always in the must-have Destiny 2 Hunter exotic armor for PvE lists. Its function is quite complex, so let’s explain briefly: you get a buff that increases stacks for every hit from Kinetic or Matching Element Hand Cannons. These Hand Cannons will do 60% more damage for each stack, up to 600%, but this buff only lasts for 5.5 seconds. We highly recommend using Lucky Pants along with Crimson or Malfeasance, which recently received a Catalyst with Vorpal Weapon. So, that’s how your PvE weapons gain bonus damage!

Orpheus Rig

Orpheus Rig

If you are maining this class but want to play a support role, Orpheus Rig, often listed among Destiny 2 best Hunter exotic armor, is ideal for you. These Legs enhance your Shadowshot Supers, giving them new properties. For instance, Deadfall returns Super and Abilities Energy for each tethered enemy, and Moebius Quiver gets an additional shot. A great Exotic for GMs and other Endgame Content.

Liar’s Handshake

Liar's Handshake

An Exotic that is described as ideal for PvP combat but is actually more suitable for PvE encounters. Its main feature is an extremely powerful Melee counterpunch that deals increased damage and heals. If you prefer Arc subclass and Melee, Liar’s Handshake is a perfect choice and easily could be called the best exotic armor for Arc Hunter.

Ophidia Spathe

Ophidia Spathe Armor

Ophidia Spathe has always been a fairly good Exotic, allowing you to constantly throw Knives at enemies as they add a Second Charge. Since the Season of the Wish, they have received a significant buff, as now Throwing Knife Final Blows will increase their damage up to 100%. While Ophidia Spathe may not be as powerful as Assassin’s Cowl or Nighthawk, they are still very fun Exotic.

Best Hunter Exotic Armor for PvP

Best PvP Hunter Exotic

Let’s move on to the must-have Hunter PvP exotics, the reason many might have come to this article. There aren’t many, but this variety offers excellent diversity in Crucible and Trials of Osiris.

Knucklehead Radar

Knucklehead Radar

Previously, Knucklehead Radar was one the most niche Exotic, but after they added Foetracer’s old property, it can be considered the best PvP Exotic for Hunter. The gear’s uniqueness lies in marking targets for 5 seconds and dealing more damage to low-health marked targets. Additionally, while crouching, you improve your radar, and while aiming, the radar remains active. A nice bonus is the +20 Airborne Effectiveness buff to your guns, making those Hunter Exotic Armor stats in Destiny 2 incredible.

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Wormhusk Crown

Wormhusk Crown

It’s a great example of an easy-to-use Exotic on Hunter in the whole game, but no less effective. You restore 67 HP after dodging, which will help you survive in hopeless situations. If you can’t decide which Exotic to choose, feel free to take the Wormhusk Crown. It will definitely be in the Hunter Exotic meta.


St0mp-EE5 Exotic

Wearing these boots will make you the fastest Hunter in PvP, giving you a massive advantage in combat. Your speed, jumps, and slides will be much better, but this buff only works when a Charged Class Ability is present. This exotic is for players who prefer fast movement and agility in combat, and that’s why it is so high on this Hunter exotic armor tier list.

Cyrtarachne’s Facade

Cyrtarachne's Facade

If you want to play on Strand Hunter, but can’t find a needed armor piece, then take Cyrtarachne’s Facade. You won’t regret it. After using Grapple, you will get Woven Mail, which will now give you Flinch Resistance. There’s not much more to say — it’s just a fine exotic armor for Strand Hunter.

Athrys’s Embrace

Assassin's Cowl

Previously, you could have fun with Caliban’s Hand, which had an ability thanks to which Proximity Knife scorches targets and explodes. But now we have a better option. Athrys’s Embrace is one of the most fun and unfair Hunter Exotics for PvP that can be found. It enhances your Weighted Knife, giving it a second bounce with improved tracking, as well as the ability to get a buff named Strengthened Throwing Knife. All you need to do is make three Precision Hits in 2.5 seconds, which is quite easy. This buff allows you to destroy Guardians with a Weighted Knife hitting the body, not the head — a very effective exotic.

The Dragon’s Shadow

The Dragon's Shadow

The Dragon’s Shadow is a reliable and timeless ally that remains ever useful in our Hunter exotic armor ranking. Its essence is tied to your dodge ability. In short, dodging reloads all weapons and increases movement and weapon handling speeds. Although this buff lasts 9 seconds, it is perfect for situations when you urgently need to rush at the enemy. The Dragon’s Shadow is an excellent choice for fans of shotguns.

Final Words on Best Hunter Exotics

That brings us to the end of our Hunter Exotic armor guide. We think this list will help you quickly build any setup for each subclass. Not everyone will agree with our opinion, but that’s why we have comments open so that, if necessary, we can discuss all the crucial points. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

Moreover, you can easily get these exotics from Lost Sector services, where our professionals will knock out the desired exotic in a couple of hours. Each of us wants to get the best Hunter exotic armor in Season of the Wish, so don’t worry. Feel free to contact us!

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