How to get Vexcalibur in Destiny 2 Guide

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When we thought there would be no more Secret Quests in Destiny 2, Bungie suddenly added a Secret Mission to the game!

After Lightfall’s release, players found mention of a new Vexcalibur weapon in the game. Guardians searched for it in every game’s part until, with another reset on Tuesday, players found some spheres on EDZ. What happened next? In this article, you will find out just that, as well as how to get Vexcalibur Exotic and whether it is worth it or not. Let’s begin!


As you might guess, you have to go to EDZ, or rather to The Gulch. There you will see scattered spheres throughout the location. Your task is to collect them all at a certain time.

The first sphere at the Gulch Spawn Point
The second sphere under the bridge on the right side from first one
The third sphere at the center of the Gulch location
The fourth sphere near the tunnel next to the trees
The fifth one on a broken road
The Sixth sphere is close to the very first and second spheres, but is on the opposite side behind the trees

After obtaining the last sphere, you will need to find the entrance to the cave. However, this isn’t difficult because there will be a storm above it. And voila, you have found a Secret Quest you need to complete.

The Storm
Entrance to the cave
Here you will find the mission


According to the mission’s plot, while collecting spheres, you and Mithrax will receive an unknown message from someone in the Vex Network asking for help. You, as a responsible Guardian, head the call. Along the way, you’ll have to deal with many opponents and overcome the puzzle section until you reach the mission’s first stage.


In the first stage, constant enemy waves will come at you, and to proceed further, you need to solve a relatively simple puzzle. In the middle of the location, there is a pillar with changing figures, and you need to break them in the correct sequence. The exact order of the figures is in the room in the following places:

Once you have solved the puzzle, the door to a new location will open, and you need to repeat the same thing but with even more enemies. The order of the figures is hidden even more cunningly, but here are their places:

Then the last room will open, where a mini boss fight awaits you, after which you will finish the stage.


You will reach the second stage after dealing with some platforming puzzles and traps. There, a full-fledged boss fight awaits you. Basically, you have to battle off waves of Vex, among which there are broken models with Data Fragments falling out. You need them to open the bunker in the center of the location. As you can assume, collect these particles and jump into the bunker before the time runs out. Repeat these actions twice, after which the damage phase will begin. However, you won’t be able to defeat the boss right away because the main Vex teleports away from you in the middle of the battle. And you will have to repeat all these steps again, after which you will finally pass this stage.

The main difficulty of this encounter is the unbearably colossal number of mobs that don’t let you rest for a second. We recommend getting weapons for clearing them, such as Osteo Striga or Forbearance. Also, remember to take the right Heavy weapon against the encounter’s boss.


Next up, you will have to go through another jumping puzzle and find yourself at the last boss. For those who played Destiny 2 before Beyond Light, it will be a shock that this is Brakion, which we have already destroyed in Pyramidion.

This encounter features three boss phases. There are no mechanics in the first phase, so your main goal is to survive and take out one third of its health. Doing so will open a portal to the new arena segment.

In the second phase, you will encounter the familiar pillar from the first phase. The boss will stand in the barrier, and, to start the Damage Phase, you have to destroy those pieces again in the correct order. It is worth noting that you won’t have a break from mobs while combining these two activities. After the puzzle, start damaging Brakion as quickly as possible before he goes under protection again. Repeat these steps until the boss has 1/3 of its health left.

The boss enters Berserk mode in the third phase, so try to save your Heavy Ammo after the second phase. Remember to use a cover, as Brakion does considerable damage.

Regarding the choice of weapons, we recommend taking Rocket Launcher, like Hothead, or Linear Fusion Rifle, because the boss will always be at a decent distance from you. Osteo Striga or Forbearance, which we wrote about earlier, is ideal for cleaning mobs.

Congratulations! You have defeated the boss, and the reward is a craftable Vexcalibur! But was the pain worth it?


What can we say about the glaive itself? Like its appearance, it turned out to be quite unique. Let’s start with the main feature of Vexcalibur: a shield. It gives you and your allies Void Overshields, which is incredibly useful in challenging missions. Also, instead of one projectile, it releases five at once, so this glaive works like a Shotgun. In addition, Vexcalibur deals increased melee damage when you have Void Overshield, and on final blows can fully restore it. This gun is ideal for those who wish to increase their survivability in end-game activities. There are many opportunities for creating a strong build with Immortality.

With this Vexcalibur Exotic Guide, getting said weapon will be as smooth as cutting butter with a knife. You will definitely have no problems during any Mission. Be sure to share this article with your friends and check out our guide about getting the Catalysts for this glaive. Need help from professionals? WowVendor has a Destiny 2 Service where every player can find a solution to their problem and get any desired weapon in the shortest time possible.

Thanks for reading. Owl is flying away!

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