How to Get Deterministic Chaos in Destiny 2 Guide

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Lightfall brought a lot of changes, new guns, and secrets to Destiny 2. Among them, several new exotic weapons have been introduced that are leaving an immense impact on the game’s meta.

Today, we will tell you how to get one of them: Deterministic Chaos, a new Machine Gun that absolutely destroys enemies in PvE. Intrigued? Then let’s get started with this guide!


Right away, we’ll say that you should complete the Lightfall Campaign. It’s a challenging task, but since it contains a huge part of the content, we recommend you not to skip it.

After passing the story, you will immediately gain access to Nimbus’s Unfinished Business Exotic quest. Next, get to the closed door located by the Pouka Pound and interact with it. The cutscene will start playing and once it’s done, return to the young Cloud Strider. You will accept the first assignments to gather Cipher Qubits from the defeated Vex and find Cloud Accretion. This resource appears in any locations on Neomuna. In this video, you can see some of their locations.

We recommend that you farm these resources in the Vex Incursion Zone due to the enemies’ high spawn rate. Thus, it will be much easier to grind there. In addition, the quest will mark you as having one unit of Cloud Accretion if you have collected 8 Cipher Qubits. If you have the Cloud, but you haven’t collected the Qubits, then that Cloud won’t be counted

When you are sure everything is done, the Unfinished Business will update. Head to Maya’s Retreat to locate Data Package and defeat the waves of enemies. You will obtain the desired item for the quest in the area’s center. Next, move to Radiosonde to chat with Nimbus and Osiris. After listening to the dialogue, the following step will appear, in which you need to complete Lost Sector in Living Harbor. Clear and destroy everything that gets in your way, defeat the boss, open Sector’s chest, and progress in the quest.

Are you tired of destroying merciless enemies? Then have a task where you need to defeat 100 combatants in Ahimsa Park. In just a matter of seconds, you will finish the meat grinder, and another step will appear on the screen. Drive to the designated location and enter Calus’ Fortress, where you’ll have to exterminate more enemies and collect specially marked resources. After that, you will receive a message that Nimbus is waiting for you in the hub, and you will need to return to receive Rohan’s Passkey. And finally, a new mission in Black Garden will become available for you, where you will receive your desired Deterministic Chaos.


After taking out a whole army of enemies all over Neomuna, this machine gun will help you deal with them even faster. Its Exotic perk weakens enemies with every fourth bullet and every sixteenth volatile foe. Against bosses, this machine gun is good, but not enough, like Thunderlord. At the same time, this Deterministic Chaos does an incredibly good job of destroying regular combatants, powerful enemies, and Champions. So if you’re in a Raid, Nightfall, or Dungeon and need a weapon that will quickly clear enemies, Deterministic Chaos is your best choice.

Now you know how to get this beautiful machine gun, and we hope this Deterministic Chaos Guide Unlock has provided the aid you need. Still have questions about other Exotics? We already have an article on Winterbite, Final Warning, and Vexcalibur! Having no time to farm these and doing other quests? We recommend that you take the help of our WowVendor professionals in Deterministic Chaos Service. They will fulfill any of your requests in no time!

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