How to Get Bright Dust and Cosmetics For Free in Destiny 2

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Any player should learn how to shoot accurately, use skills and easily defeat enemies in Destiny 2. Of course, it is important, but you also need to look good. Each Guardian has a unique style and dresses as they please. Because this shooter transited free-to-play, it’s been more difficult to get Bright Dust and free cosmetics. However, some methods have remained. There are enough ways to help dress up your Guardian as fashionably as possible in the game.

Today we will tell you about the Bright Dust farm in Destiny 2, simple ways to get it, and what free cosmetics you can obtain just by playing. You have to spend some time, but believe us, you can save a lot of money on this. Jump on the ship, and we will look for free cosmetics!

Bright Dust

We’ll start by talking about Bright Dust, the main currency for buying in-game cosmetics. This currency farms quite quickly, and with the right ingenuity, you can collect a couple of thousand Bright Dust in a week. Next, we’ll go through all the methods, including those that are available by purchasing DLCs for the game.

Season Pass and Bright Engrams

Undoubtedly the best, but not the most reliable way to get Bright Dust in Destiny 2 is the Season Pass and Bright Engrams. You will get from 200 to 2000 BD every ten levels, but this could be insufficient for some. That’s why Season Pass contains special Bright Engrams. Thanks to them, you can earn from 250 to 1000 BD with a certain chance. You’ll get a lot more Dust if you purchase the Season Pass, but that’s up to you.

Seasonal Challenges

With Season of the Chosen, Bungie added Seasonal Challenges to the game to help players level up much faster and receive additional rewards, including Bright Dust. You can get a small amount for each completed Challenge. On top of that, if you finish 72 Challenges, you will get a large amount of Bright Dust.


The most efficient way how to get Bright Dust, although somewhat tiresome. Everyone most likely knows that Bounties are the most reliable way to earn experience. However, vendors also have Additional Bounties that grant 5 Bright Dust upon completion. Although that’s not much, there is no restriction on how many of them you can complete. Another fact: you can get challenges from Zavala, Shaxx, and Drifter once a week to get 120 Bright Dust from each vendor.


Now you know where to get Dust, but what about where exactly you can get cosmetics? Thankfully, not everything in Destiny 2 can be bought with real money, and a lot of things can be picked up without spending a single cent. Bungie has tried to make cosmetics as accessible as possible for a free-to-play game. Well, it’s time to find out about all the free cosmetics in Destiny 2!

Raids and Dungeons

A great way to get various cosmetics is Raid and Dungeon. In addition, for the first finished Raid or Dungeon, you always get a unique emblem. These activities also have many triumphs. For example, you need to complete any of those activities on Master Difficulty, and some triumphs grant you a themed sparrow or ship. You can even get extremely rare emblems for solo flawless Dungeon completion, which require a lot of effort and practice.


Once a season, developers host unique Events that also include free cosmetics. You can obtain them by completing special Challenges in the Event Card. For instance, in the recent Dawning event, players could receive an emblem, a shader, and an Exotic Ghost. Furthermore, unique cosmetics are sold at this time, including Armor Ornaments. In honor of the Lunar New Year, Bungie for the first time gave away currency to buy cosmetics. This gift helped many players get free items and let everyone take a break from Bright Dust farming in Destiny 2.

Cosmetics in Season Pass and Bright Engrams

We already talked about getting Bright Dust in this way. However, Bright Engrams constantly drop cosmetics too. Although the chances of Exotic are quite low, don’t despair because sooner or later, the god of RNG will take your side. Nevertheless, if you are an active player in Destiny 2 and manage to purchase all the available seasons, you will receive a mountain of various and exclusive items from the Season Pass. Each pass contains at least one Finisher, Ghost, Sparrow, and even Ornaments for Armor and Exotic Weapon. We can say that seasonal passes ultimately provide you with the best fashionable equipment!


Now you know how to earn Bright Dust. And next up, we will tell you where players can spend it. Each week, Eververse offers Guardians a variety of cosmetics that can be purchased with a given currency. Here you have the opportunity to acquire emotions, Ghosts, Ships, Sparrows, and other cosmetics. The only thing is, you cannot buy Finishers with Dust here, but Bungie may change this in the distant future.

That’s all ways of getting Dust and Cosmetics in Destiny 2. We hope this article will help in your future adventures. Follow our advice, and you will definitely get what you want. If you enjoyed our guide, don’t forget to tell your friends about the fastest way to get Bright Dust in Destiny 2 and link them to this article.

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