How to find friends in Destiny 2

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Playing solo in Destiny 2 can certainly be fun, but once in a while, you realize the limitations of your situation. Many missions are not solvable solo, and you miss out on a lot of content while players around you have fun in Raids or Grandmaster Nightfalls. So, the next question arises: “Where can I find my partners for the game?” And it is only for the sake of solving this problem that we have gathered here today with this article.

Today you will find out all the most effective and possible ways to find teammates. You can do this in many ways, such as joining a clan or connecting to special streams, or maybe particular bots from Discord channels will help you. Finding a partner is as easy as it can be. You need a little courage and a desire to get to know each other, and then everything will go on as usual, and maybe these tips will be a great Destiny 2 friend-finder guide for you!

Sit comfortably on your spaceship, and let’s learn these really helpful methods and find good friends!

#1 Search for teammates on

One of the easiest and most logical ways is to go to The studio’s official website and the app offer many Guardians a player search feature. You can create a Public Fireteam, indicating your desired platform, and just wait for such a player. You can also join the already-created Public Fireteam and get acquainted with the players in the lobby. For example, if you have to complete Nightfall once, you probably won’t get to know your Fireteam very well. However, in a Raid where there is constant communication between teammates, you can even find new friends. No one takes money from you to make friends with local players, so feel free to use this opportunity. So, Bungie’s Destiny 2 party finder is one of the easiest ways to find teammates, but this is one of the first ones in this article.

It’s a nice touch to have the same features in the Bungie mobile app, where you can also find a team for certain activities. Just take out your phone, and with a couple of swipes, you are already in the group without needing a bulky laptop or searching through a browser.

#2 Look for Destiny 2 Clans

The second even easier way in Destiny 2 to find a fireteam is to look for a clan. Many forums constantly recruit players for a clan, and finding partners for your group is much easier there than anywhere else. Check out the Bungie forums, Twitter, Reddit, or whatever your heart desires, and look for any Destiny 2 accounts or locations. Plus, you’re constantly given bonuses for participating in the clan life, which means not only new friends but also bonuses in the game itself!

Every clan member receives increased rewards for public events, a new weekly contract with Hawthorne, and an additional reputation for winning Trials with clanmates. Clan life in any game is always interesting. If you are lucky, you will find such a friendly clan that gathers every weekend to socialize and play other projects, or maybe you can find your best friend or even your future wife or husband here! Who knows what you can expect here?! But we know that for sure this would be a fantastic and memorable experience.

#3 Find Destiny 2 players in the game and try to get acquainted

Every time you play Destiny 2, you can meet random players. Do you like how they play, or do you have fun with them using emotions? Then ask them to join your group! Running through open areas, completing activities, passing co-op missions with automatic recruitment, or even entering Crucible or Gambit. Every time you have this opportunity!

For this hard step, you just need to select their profile and, with a calm soul, write to the player you like in PM with an offer to play together. Yes, this is quite hard to do due to simple human factors, but this way, you can find incredible players that could be your best friends in the future. Don’t miss your chance! You have an excellent opportunity to assemble such a fireteam yourself that you don’t even need any D2 group finder!

#4 Destiny 2 group finder on Discord

It could be the second most popular way to find your Fireteam after the Bungie website (but not on the list, lol). Given the popularity of this social network, it is not surprising that there are not dozens, not hundreds, but thousands of discord servers that are made to search for teammates. Some guardians created clans to increase the number of people in their ranks, while others simply wanted to make life easier for others. We will list a couple of popular servers, as well as their advantages over others.

The first of these is familiar to many because this is Destiny 2 LFG. It can be safely called one of the most popular discord servers for this game, and this fame went to him for a reason. Of course, this server performs its primary function – searching for teammates for any activity. For this, various text channels have been created so you do not get confused. But that’s not all! Not only that, there are such valuable bots, for example, Charlemagne, but even a chat in which various clans are published, which we just wrote about above. In general, only with this discord server, you can find teammates and friends, and it is the best Destiny 2 raid finder on Discord in every sense possible.

Also, the popular r/DestinyTheGame subreddit has its own Discord channel, which, although less online than the last one, will still help you find your Fireteam. Here you will need to go through a simple registration, where you will choose a platform and the like. After that, you will have access to text channels with your teammate’s search. But if you are a beginner, there are special channels for New Light on this server, where they will help you and tell you what is not so apparent in the game. We recommend it as the best Destiny 2 fireteam finder on Discord we know of.

#5 Twitch streamers

For many, this may be surprising, but even on Twitch, you can find good teammates for activities. Many popular streamers organize free carries for Trials of Osiris every week, which can be helpful if you are always unlucky with a random Fireteam. For example, the popular streamer and YouTuber iFrostBolt is doing this. Also, many other popular content creators help their viewers to go through such complex activities as grandmasters and raids.

Do not forget that due to the high cost online, you will not always be able to play with them. So we strongly advise you to pay attention to not-very-popular streamers! The online increase will make them feel good and help them get through the problematic activities in which they will collect the Fireteam.

#6 Invite your friends to play Destiny 2 with you

If you don’t want to meet the mysterious and frightening strangers of the Destiny 2 community at all, and you have no luck with looking for Fireteam, then try dragging your friends into this MMO shooter. Many users told us about how they decided to ask their close friends to join them on an adventure across the galaxy in the fight against aliens. When they found out that this was a shooter from Halo’s creators, they happily agreed. If one of them resists, you can always say, “Well, let’s play at least once,” and then this “one time” will stretch for tens and hundreds of hours. It would seem the strangest way, but it may turn out to be the most effective of all presented. Even some WoWVendor workers found teammates in Destiny 2 in this manner!

#7 Search on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, or other forums

You can find the clan on the forums, but the same players of Destiny 2 are looking for a group they can join. Social networks were invented for people to meet and find new like-minded people. Therefore sites like Reddit, Twitter, or even Facebook can help solve your problem above. Try to search local Destiny 2 groups or accounts. You will be 100% likely to find people who want to join your group, and if you’re going to recruit, no one will stop you from doing this!

The only thing is, remember and use all the methods from the list above, as they are much more effective!

#8 Another Destiny LFG and friend finder app

If you don’t like and the teammate search there, then we have an analog from the100 site called Destiny LFG. In fact, the same thing is here. There is its own Destiny 2 group finder and, simultaneously, a much larger number of filters for finding teammates. At first glance, it may seem that there are few players here, but this is more than enough to find the desired teammate. Destiny LFG also has its own discord bot, a convenient mobile device application; you can even find a clan here. The site is constantly updated and constantly offers new features for players. There are other games as a bonus if you’re bored with Destiny 2. All in all, that’s a great replacement if your friendship with has ended and another easy-to-use Destiny 2 team finder.

On the other side, we have various applications for finding friends in a particular game. Wegamers, Plink, and Gamerlink stand out the most in the vast array of apps. For example, Plink analyzes your accounts from different gaming platforms, recommending players with similar interests and showing your statistics in various games, including Destiny 2. Such applications are pretty convenient to use since you can just as easily find a friend and communicate with them there. If you are really desperate, then be sure to try them.

And it seems we talked about all the possible ways to find teammates to join your group in this game. In Destiny 2, looking for players to play with may not be easy, and there are not many options to search for them, but each one here is very effective if you make a little effort to get to know and make friends with the players. We understand how difficult it may be for many of you to do this. But it is always worth trying to overcome your problems and fears. Maybe you will be soo amicable that players will like you a lot. Or players will appreciate you for your skills, and after the match, they will add you to friends to play with you more. Just try to communicate with them, because nothing wrong will happen if you do this!

Thanks for reading. Owl is flying away!

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